Jan. 12th, 2010

suave_thomas: (Turn Away)
If you're stoned don't try to come to the Beyond. It only means some mug has to rescue you and now I'm here and someone needs me and I am going to fall apart.

And Abby won't let me go rip Amaris' face off. Which is just uncool. She touched my Mumsie. No one touches my Mumsie. Can someone take the darn demonic spirit out of her already? Please? It's about goshdarned time.

Yeah, hi.

OH and last I looked in on the Russian adventurers, everyone was fine. They were supposed to go yesterday but the transport shipment they are sneaking in on was delayed. Still, they made it to the convent safely and now they're being taken care of by scary battlenuns. Who wield these stun stick things? I had to not look. Electricity and I aren't friends. Not close up, anyway.

If I do fall apart, someone put Michael Jackson on in the background so at least I can crumble happy.

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