Jan. 19th, 2010

suave_thomas: (Smile the best)
LONDON! Oh, how I missed your frosty chill. And look this shit still makes me laugh. If you want to see a funny face, call Peter Peepee.

Images of Disneyland and Lalaland )

Being with my husband while he was overseas was amazing. I got to run errands (yes, this excites me, I'm dead I have to find excitement in something) and I got to welcome him home every night. If he was tired I took care of him. He didn't have to miss me or the kids. I love being a tour husband! I hope I get to do it again sometime. I just...really kills me (lol :| ) that I might not get that chance. Pampering husband=love. So does knowing he doesn't have to go to sleep at night without me. I pretty much love it.

You know what else is love? Seeing Flynn at Disneyland. But I'll let him tell his own tale. Seeing him happy, though? And Quinn's surprise "Hi, I'm in California for one day just to go to Disneyland with you" visit was pretty damned incredible too. The trip was just...full of love. And I'm so blessed.

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