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Fucking stupid police. (Sorry, Tasha and Paul...) Chasing my Svetlana away. Bitches.

Peter and Aly came over for lunch along with their brood and now the entire house is filled with children. Really, I did a headcount...

Marie, James, Mara, Aislinn, William, Rasputina, Lauren, Thomas, Anna, Caleb, and Lydia. Well, and there's Tasha, but she's not exactly a child! It's quite loud! I love it. I just wish Svetlana was here too.

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Hey, Joe. In all the fuss and muss I forgot to mention something.

I'm really proud of you for going on a date with Angie. How did it go?
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My darling husband is now well enough to have surgery on his wrists. The damn Templar messed them up pretty badly when they hung him on that fucking thing, and if he doesn't have the surgery, he won't be able to play his guitar again. This obviously cannot happen. Good thoughts, prayers, support, silly letters, pairs of knickers...anything will be appreciated. He's understandably worried about it.

After this, he'll be coming home and I get to be a house husband! Because you know...I'm alive! I get to watch over him and this pleases me greatly.

Love to you all.
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Spectre is feeling better today. He let me see him, but he's still having trouble letting me too close. He says he doesn't know why, but I think it's older issues resurfacing. (Thanks to Abby's training...)

I've been thinking about what might help. I think he needs someone to talk to about it. Someone who has been close to him for a very long time.

I think he needs Jax? Maybe?
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Sorry we assumed you were lesbians Isla and Rhiannon!
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Spectre won't see me. He's confused. Abby has been to talk to him and she got him to admit he thinks this is all a vision but she thinks that's a side effect of the drugs and fever and the trauma and not a real psychotic break so...yay? Either way, my husband kicked me out of his room.

She's going to make Spectre sleep for a few days. Hopefully the sleep will take care of the infections and just maybe he'll know I'm real next time? I hate those Templar arseholes so fucking much.

I just want to curl up and cry.
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Abilgail Lilith Littleton, you let me out of this room right now!!
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I think I'm getting pneumonia. Abby is now barring people from visiting unless they wear a facemask which makes me feel like some kind of science experiment. Which I suppose is fair enough because I keep getting jabbed, and who wouldn't want to study someone who has come back to life twice? BUT I am keeping positive. My Spectre is coming to see me (with a facemask which I wish I could rip right off him for snoggage...sadly, that would be a little gross for him) and then Mary is going to play less-than-naughty-nurse tonight.

I have the best spouses!
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I'm alive again. It's official. I had a chat with one of the immortal people we rescued in China and he did it. On accident of course, which means I have to feel guilty that someone gave up their immortality in order for me to live AGAIN, but he said he didn't mind. I suppose if he had, it wouldn't have worked.

Anyway, I'm in the hospital for a few days because I think I'm getting ill and I, once again, have no immune system.

I'm trying to be pleased about it, but I need a chance to get there. Last time this happened it ended with me in agony so I'm not overly thrilled I get to go through it again...

A Mary might be a good idea.
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Ew, Peter's face looks like a Picasso painting! It's hideous!
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I'm back and I can walk! And dance! It's quite strange, really. There's feeling in my legs and it isn't just pain. It's awesome. Anyway, I'm here to go with Spectre to find his grandfather. We're heading out tomorrow morning. It shouldn't take too long, but we wanted to do it before Spectre's tour to Japan.

I'm not in pain, hooray!!
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gonna go see amaris
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I dont think its samson. He just seemed worried.

i dont know what to try now. Its not you is it Peter?
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Last night was bad. This...Zombie Fever hasn't been uncomfortable until now, but last night was horrible. I don't know where the pain is coming from, but it's in my stomach. And all I can think of, is that what Amaris did to me is what is coming back. It's not hunger, it's just....pain. Beyond hunger. I think that's what it is.

Dammit. I just weighed myself and I've lost 3 kilos. Since yesterday. Now you tell me how a dead man can lose weight? Shit.
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Does the fact that I'm a little afraid to attend Quinn and Flynn's wedding tomorrow make me a total pussy? Amaris took me from Mums' wedding and I know she's in the hospital now, but *shudders*

I have issues. Hopefully the buck's night will make me forget allllll about them.

Hahhahaa they have no idea what they're in for. But it includes me. Dancing. In very little clothing. Because I can so be an exotic dancer when friends are involved.
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LONDON! Oh, how I missed your frosty chill. And look this shit still makes me laugh. If you want to see a funny face, call Peter Peepee.

Images of Disneyland and Lalaland )

Being with my husband while he was overseas was amazing. I got to run errands (yes, this excites me, I'm dead I have to find excitement in something) and I got to welcome him home every night. If he was tired I took care of him. He didn't have to miss me or the kids. I love being a tour husband! I hope I get to do it again sometime. I just...really kills me (lol :| ) that I might not get that chance. Pampering husband=love. So does knowing he doesn't have to go to sleep at night without me. I pretty much love it.

You know what else is love? Seeing Flynn at Disneyland. But I'll let him tell his own tale. Seeing him happy, though? And Quinn's surprise "Hi, I'm in California for one day just to go to Disneyland with you" visit was pretty damned incredible too. The trip was just...full of love. And I'm so blessed.
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Peter... You can't just do that. What's up. Tell me. And stop hanging up on me! Is everything okay?

Is everyone okay?
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Can't sleep. Apparently Zombie Fever makes one a trifle insomia...ic. I watched my husband and his band perform tonight and they were amazing. A lot of other bands participated and it was awesome. Yesterday Mara, James and I went to the Getty, but Mara was too enraptured to bother with taking photos. The place is amazing, it really is. The view was breathtaking. Today we mostly took it easy at the hotel pool, though we went out for lunch. There was an awkward moment where I had to chase a sleazy boy away from Mara because he was saying things like "Hey, baby, I like your swimsuit, wanna see mine" but I think a 6'3" brick wall saying "Hey. What do you want with my niece" was enough to cause him to scamper. I can be intimidating when I want to. Of course, then I had to keep from diving into the pool and splashing around like a teenager until he was gone. It's okay, I managed to keep up the beefcake facade. If he only knew I'm not so much grrr as...well... this.

I am so funny.

And so is this! )

Imma get me some more coffee.

I want to hear from Peter, dammit.
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My husband and the band shuffled off to the Anaheim convention centre in the morning and Caitlin stayed with the twins, leaving me with Mara and James. Apparently Mara and James are rabid tourists... We went to Hollywood Boulevard and we visited Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Ripley's Believe it or Not, a wax museum and then Venice Beach. Tomorrow I have been informed that we are going to the Getty in the afternoon and in the evening I have to be charming because my husband wants to show me off to his musician friends over dinner. Which I'm more than a little nervous about.

"We're going to have dinner with Dream Theater and Megadeth and Shoehorn and Vertigo Delinquents and Mad Cow Disease etc etc, will you come?"

....sure. That's...perfectly normal.

(I do admit to making up everything after Megadeth because I couldn't remember any of the other names...)

I just hope I can pull off charming to these people too. I feel sort of out of my league here. I'm just an ex-monk who died and now I have a family to raise. Right? Right...

Snaps of strange and wondrous things )
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Oh my god... It's like my worst nightmare... )


And I'm starting to feel hungry already. Stupid fucking zombie fever!! Not that it's anything like after Amaris. It'll just be normal. Which for me? Pretty fucking abnormal.

But we're in California, safe and sound. James is sleeping off the flight, and I'm going to have a goddamned cocktail as fruity as Liberace. And a steak.

It's warm here too. Thank fuck for that.

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