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You know what's weird? Besides Peter dying for like the 37th time. Every time I go to see Samson Mors, he looks at me like I'm the second coming. (Ahahahha! Sorry, dirty mind. ...oh fuck GROSS!) I don't know why. In his mind I used to be the terrible ex-monk who corrupted his angel son and condemned him to Hell. Nevermind that my husband has been gay from the day he was born and I had nothing to do with it. I was just the lucky one he took on a date to the aquarium one April day I won't ever forget. Now he gets this weird look on his face, like he's trying to he grumpy but can't be and then he says, "Thomas!" like he's excited, and he instantly gets me started talking about some book of the Bible or other. He says he wants my opinion. Even though technically, by his standards, my opinion should mean less than nothing. Clearly it doesn't and that gives me a lot of hope.

And that got me thinking. While he's much more pleasant to be around lately, he's still 100% sure I'm condemning his son to Hell, and myself with him. He says things like, "can't you boys just be friends?" No, Samson. Sorry. I'm in love with your son and part of that involves things you don't approve of. I have mentioned I'm dead. He skirts the issue.'s time he sees the Beyond? Sometime when I'm there so we can ensure he doesn't end up getting stuck or messed with by a certain hoor named Sacrifice.

I think...if he saw it, even though he wouldn't remember a great deal of it, he wouldn't fear Hell anymore. He's starting to show the man behind the monster. I used to think you would be hard-pressed to find a worse example of a human being in his world, but the things he did, he did out of fear. Fear that was drilled in to him by his own father, and which he then tried to drill into his own kids. If we could take the fear away, it just might be okay. I hope. And I do have hope for him. Which is saying an awful lot.
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Hey, Baby. I just have to make sure of something. You're not upset about what Mary did, are you? If you are, you can talk to me about it.
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Hey, D babe? While I'm thinking of it. Why do you put a condom in Peter's wallet?

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