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Oh fuck you, Cardinal Bertone

"Many psychologists, many psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relationship between celibacy and paedophilia but many others have demonstrated, I was told recently, that there is a relationship between homosexuality and paedophilia," he said. "That is true. I have the documents of the psychologists. That is the problem."


Though I have to say...good on France.

"This is an unacceptable linkage and we condemn this," foreign ministry spokesman Bernard Valero told reporters in Paris. "France is firmly engaged in the struggle against discrimination and prejudice linked to sexual orientation and gender identity."

The attempt to link homosexuality with paedophilia was a "dramatic confession of weakness [betraying] the confused state in which the Catholic Church now finds itself," Mr Merlo added.

If someone is a paedophile, they're a paedophile. And, you know...fucking disgusting. Their sexual orientation is irrelevant. I hate it when I read shit like this. It makes me ashamed of my past but even more so? It hurts me. I gave years...I gave my life for that Church and my lifestyle and the lifestyle of people I love gets attacked like this? It's soulcrushing. Who are they to judge?

I hope one day, this will all go away.
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I'm alive again. It's official. I had a chat with one of the immortal people we rescued in China and he did it. On accident of course, which means I have to feel guilty that someone gave up their immortality in order for me to live AGAIN, but he said he didn't mind. I suppose if he had, it wouldn't have worked.

Anyway, I'm in the hospital for a few days because I think I'm getting ill and I, once again, have no immune system.

I'm trying to be pleased about it, but I need a chance to get there. Last time this happened it ended with me in agony so I'm not overly thrilled I get to go through it again...

A Mary might be a good idea.
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I dont think its samson. He just seemed worried.

i dont know what to try now. Its not you is it Peter?
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Edit: This is what I am !!!ing about )

I have no idea what to do about this.
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Looks like I'm going to Rome. With a skull in a box. I got to see me a ladyman.

...that would be Aly. Because...David...nevermind.

I hate Rome :(
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Gavin's safe. He's in Rome with Saul and the boys.

According to them, Peter wasn't in the Templar compound in Rome. So we have no idea where he is.

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I just got brought back a week early, so who knows if I have the Zombie Fever (if anyone catches me crumbling, just let it happen, it's better that way) my husband just left the country, and now Razvan shows up in Peter's car to say that Gavin did call them and he was alive, but apparently he was some sort of BAIT because now Gavin and Peter are gone again, and they left Razvan behind! Which means they have something very specific in mind.

And Thomas reeaaalllyyy wants to bust some goddamn heads.

EDIT: Right, hi.
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I'm here. And I think I might be staying at Vic Lane for a few days because that's where my girl is. That'd be Marie, in case I confused anyone. I'm bringing James with me, so we can add to the motley crue of Laners.

I'm doing okay. Focusing on taking care of my kids. I think I'll graduate to taking care of others too, soon enough. And possibly myself, oh unknowable universe.

We can't change our pasts, only our futures. Sometimes second chances really do come at a great cost. Sometimes all that's left are good memories and the knowledge that things can be like that again eventually. And I guess that I can handle.
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I'm sorry.

I'll stop avoiding people now. I love you all.
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I'm sorry. I've been avoiding you, which I am sure you are far too aware of by now. It's not anything you did, I promise. I've been afraid you would notice... I've been here too long and it hurts, but if I'm not here I can't be with Stephie. And everything she's feeling is my fault, so I have to be with her. I was afraid you would send me away. But that's terrible of me, because you risked so much coming to save me. When I saw you there...besides feeling so fucking relieved it was over, I felt fear. Fear for you because that place...fuck, Spectre. If they got their hands on you, do you know what they would do to you? I know you do. I know that. And you risked that to come for me, and I have spent the last several days saying nothing and I am so sorry.

I love you. I love you more than anything. More than any one. I just didn't want you to see my pain.

Speaking of pain... Now might be a good time to get this thing off of me... Because just thinking about you is causing a reaction and ouch. A lot of ouch. And I got all angry and had a little hissy fit and tried to pull it off? Oh my dear god, mistake.
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This really pisses me off. Really, really. Poverty my ARSE. The Catholic Church has more than enough to give back to the people they've taken so much from. It's disgusting that they're trying to get out of it.

"Don't say you can't change it! You are the government of this state. You run this state. So, for God's sake, stop mealy-mouthing because I am sick of it!"

Bless you, Michael O'Brien. And may they listen. Would that there was no need. That everyone who took Holy Vows took them seriously. That no one committed such vile and disgusting acts on children, especially 'displaced' children because they were 'convenient'. That depraved people didn't make the good ones look bad.

I'm going to go hug my kids and watch silly movies with James so I am suitably distracted from this.
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I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

She's having a meltdown.

And I'm sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I hesitated for a split second and she noticed because she's too perceptive for her own good.
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I've never been to my own funeral before.

What a stupid goddamn thing to say.

Uhm...I'll see you all soon. You have my word. I love you. Please take care of yourselves and each other. Goodbye.
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I let my little sister hypnotise me and I remembered things that should help us find the missing people. I also remembered things I wish I could forget, but that's tne nature of the beast. I described the house Amaris is staying in to Aly and she drew it. A perfect likeness. She's made copies if anyone needs one. I hope it helps. I want our friends back now.

My wrists hurt. These damn cuffs chafe and they're heavy and it's an eternal reminder that she had me at her mercy. But they're welded bloody on and I can't get them off. And as long as they're there, I feel like part of me still belongs to her. It's stupid, right?
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Is she trying to get me to turn myself over to her?!

Not Christina. Not her.
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How the fuck do you leave your kid? I just...I don't understand. I literally wouldn't have it in me to leave James or Marie. I actually couldn't physically or emotionally do it.

Some people fucking suck.
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Being alive is, so very occasionally, desperately inconvenient.

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