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I've had this journal entry open forever and I can't even think of what to say. To comment on what happened in's impossible.

I'll say this. I love my friend Flynn. That doesn't change. He is still James' godfather and I love him as much as I ever did.

Spectre, Katya, James and I will be back on Tuesday. We love you all.
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Hhhehhehehehee! )

Me too, Kitteh! Me too!! (And he is delicious, nom nom!)

In other news, we found a house and will be moving soon. And my husband is adorable! He's singing to the kids and James and Katya are singing back and my heart is melting!
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Isla's mother is Marietta. She says when they parted, it wasn't on good terms and now I'm worried.

Do we know how stable Marietta is these days...?
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I am in love.

Katya drew this! It's her! )

She said it's her and she's happy now and she loves London and she's a princess who has flowers and happiness... Oh my heart. It's melting.

We've been staying at the hospital because Katya has been gradually healing and getting stronger and we get to bring her home soon. James drew her a bunch of pictures to illustrate that she has a mummy and two daddies. It was adorable. She's not malnourished any more. She loves to hug and cuddle. She's...just so perfect and darling. AND I LOVE HER!

So...there's that. Oh, and my husband and wife? They are, perhaps, the most glorious individuals on this Earth. Just so you know. In case I don't say it enough.
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We've got her. Mary and I are bringing home a little girl. Yekaterina. She's an angel. She's sleeping right now. I think it would be a good idea if we took her to the hospital first? Just...I think she might need some care before we bring her home. Really though, she is the sweetest, cutest little five-year-old in the world. She really is.

I left those other kids there. I will never stop feeling guilty about that.
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Fucking stupid police. (Sorry, Tasha and Paul...) Chasing my Svetlana away. Bitches.

Peter and Aly came over for lunch along with their brood and now the entire house is filled with children. Really, I did a headcount...

Marie, James, Mara, Aislinn, William, Rasputina, Lauren, Thomas, Anna, Caleb, and Lydia. Well, and there's Tasha, but she's not exactly a child! It's quite loud! I love it. I just wish Svetlana was here too.

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Hey, Joe. In all the fuss and muss I forgot to mention something.

I'm really proud of you for going on a date with Angie. How did it go?
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Sorry we assumed you were lesbians Isla and Rhiannon!
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So... How do you all feel about Spain? Peter and his brood are heading off tomorrow and Peter just called me to ask if we want to come too. For Mara. I've been watching her since coming home and she doesn't look pleased to be here, and I'm worried. I think maybe some time away might be a good idea, but it's up to you all of course. I don't think I'll be around much longer, but I might make it a few days...

In Valencia, Mara would have Anna and I already asked Flynn if he would come and he said he would. He made sure he could leave the shelter for a few days. There would be a lot of people she didn't know, but the hacienda in Valencia has this little guest house out the back, and that's usually where the kids stay. With supervision, of course and we could make sure it was someone she knew. And Peter said Mara and Anna could have their own room so they could talk.

Also, since this was his idea, he says he's paying for it. And he made the don't argue voice, and you can't argue with that. Especially when he spent all day as a hostage, because he's already all fired up.

What do you think? I know it's ultimately up to her, but do you think it's a good idea to ask? And if she said yes, could you go? I want to bring James, but since I'll probably disappear in the middle of it all, I would need someone else there know...bring him back.

You really should see the place. And feel it. It's a place of so much love. I can't get over it.
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I'm in Cork! I surprised my Spectre at the airport when the intrepid travellers of Spectre fame returned, because he didn't know I was back yet. He squealed and everything, it was awesome. And then there was some jumping into my arms and getting spun around action. I seem to have a habit of surprising him on my birthday. Which I completely approve of.

Speaking of my birthday, it is today. And I get to spend it with my friends and my husband, watching the amazing Adrina perform onstage. It's going to be wonderful! And then we'll be returning home for an epic reunion with the family. I know one little boy who talked about seeing his daddy again all day yesterday, and he just might not let go of Spectre for a week, I think. Somehow, I don't think Spectre will have a problem with that. Though James might have to battle with Mara... And Marie is getting possessive too. SO CUTE!

We met Isla Littleton the other day. She's our half-sister, and completely adorable. After the initial strangeness, which I won't explain because it's not really my business to do so, it was a completely wonderful time with completely wonderful people. I still haven't gotten to meet Galina, but I feel completely and totally blessed that the family is growing. To me, it doesn't matter how Isla and Galina came about (I don't need a diagram...) what matters is that they're here, and they're family.

I am so full of love right now! It might be because I got to see my Spectre again, and there were relations. Also epic. Mmmm yes.

Or it could be that it's just my default mode. Again. Finally. :D!
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I wish so much that I could help Joe. It hurts a lot that I can't.

Seems to me, there's a lot of people I can't help, lately. I'm not used to feeling that way. It's kind of icky. So I am letting Miss Mara teach me how to make cookies.

It's something.
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How the fuck do you leave your kid? I just...I don't understand. I literally wouldn't have it in me to leave James or Marie. I actually couldn't physically or emotionally do it.

Some people fucking suck.
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Les Miserables opens on Wednesday and I'm nervous! Already. Which, I think, is making me eat more than usual. Which is saying something.

My Mumsie is getting married and I'm going to have a step-father. We had a long talk about how if he hurts her like Bernard did, he'll never again know the touch of a woman. And then he said the most incredible thing. "I am so proud I am going to be your step-father." And he meant all of us, not just me there. But...the man is 64, and he's marrying a woman who has five grown children. Technically he doesn't really have to have much to do with us at all in a 'father' capacity. The raising has been done, you know? As done as it ever really is, anyway. My mother did that on her own, and deserves a frickin' award for it. But he said it anyway, and it made me feel...well I felt like I was ten years old again, and finally hearing what I've been waiting to hear since Bernard left us.

I don't think I usually get this mushy outside talking about my spouses or my children (who are gorgeous, by the way!), but it was such a wonderful thing for him to say. It made me really happy. And seeing Mums all cute and giggly is only making me happier.

It's a wonderful time right now.
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You two know I love you more than anything, right? You are all the best damn family a man could ever ask for.

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