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Apparently I'm headed to St Petersburg in the company of one Dimitri Xandrov. There's a young angel girl in an orphanage there and it's horrible and she can't stay. We're going to see about bringing her back and complicated processes and yay legality, but hopefully we can get her out of there soon. She's in a really shitty situation. Peter had a vision.

It'll be nice to rescue someone without a freaking fight.
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Oh my god... It's like my worst nightmare... )


And I'm starting to feel hungry already. Stupid fucking zombie fever!! Not that it's anything like after Amaris. It'll just be normal. Which for me? Pretty fucking abnormal.

But we're in California, safe and sound. James is sleeping off the flight, and I'm going to have a goddamned cocktail as fruity as Liberace. And a steak.

It's warm here too. Thank fuck for that.
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Oh my dear Lord...

I'm fascinated and kind of sick and I am so making some of these because who doesn't have to worry about clogged arteries? Me. If I'm here, I'm going to enjoy it, darnit!

Seriously, if I'd only know about this then maybe I wouldn't have had so much trouble gaining weight after Amaris. Look at that thing! Fuck me...

Whoohoo, Mary, you want to eat disgustingly fatty foods with me! I'm so romantic.

Oh my god, seriously...

I need to stop. Lest I clog the arteries of the people around me with my fatty aura...
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I'm home. James has this incredible way at getting to the crux of an issue even though he's just under 3 and doesn't know what 'crux' means. He clearly doesn't need to. Anyway, he said the right thing. And now Abby is making me dinner and I'm lounging on the sofa and trying to relax.

It's not easy.
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Word to the wise? Don't take food from my hands.

I almost slaughtered Peter for that this morning. Normally he would have known better, but he was more than a little out of it. Which brings me to my next point.

He's passed out in his office, sleeping off the fact that he hasn't slept in three days. I'll be out this afternoon, helping with the search, but tonight I need to be at home with Spectre. I spent last night away from him and I don't want to deprive him of another night.
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I'm not dying!

My metabolism is going three times faster than everyone else's, and I'm more akin to...a humming bird or something now. But I'm not dying again. Apparently most of the food I eat is getting used up as soon as I eat it. To combat the pull. Which is why I have been losing weight, despite eating like a cow. Dr Wentworth's looking in to a more longterm solution and in the meantime, I'll just eat. Like I have been, only more.

I can do that! Especially when Deirdre makes me noodles and cake and ice cream and steak and nachos. Yes, that was what I ate for lunch.

Don't judge!

EDIT: James is a Vampire... )

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