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Hey, Peter? I could really use some Bromance time. Are you around?
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Rolf doesn't KNOW if an angel could bring someone up into the beyond and then back down again (as Tamm suggested on my previous post) like teleportation. And he offered to test it, and I really hope my "NO NO WHAT THE FUCK, NO YOU INSANE ASSHAT" actually registered in his tricentennial brain.

So yeah. If Rolf asks you if you'll help him try something, run in the opposite direction? Oops.

So far no further information from the news Zoe found either. Though I have been hung up on a lot. No news from the Beyond. Nothing from the streets. I went to see Paul and he looked like he was made up entirely of an under-eye bag. Poor guy.

Peter's awake though. He hasn't had a seizure yet today, either. So...I guess that's good news.
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I spent the morning feeling like I was turning inside out.

Remind me. Remind me why I should stay. Please. I need help.
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Mummy! I'm going to be a husband.

Say reassuring things!
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I don't know what to do. I know Peter wants me here because he's terrified of what will happen when Aly has the baby, even though I'm sure everything will be just fine. And there's so much going on here too... And I wanted my Valentine's Day, dammit. Which is selfish, but I'm human even if I am dead.

But I know they could use me in Rome. Because if I went in there, they couldn't kill me. I know the layout. Gavin, Tamm, and Stephie can all die. I can't. It's like...there's no one left. Josie can't go and Razvan's protecting Liz's family...though it uhm...seems like that fear has been taken care of... But I'm sure that with all the crap happening, someone needs to stay here. Allanah's here. But Rosa's gone, and Rolf's gone, and I'm rambling because I don't want to go. I don't want to go to Rome. You all saw what they did to me there. It terrifies me, but it terrifies me more to think that it could be happening to Kay and Deirdre. Just no. But if I go, is that running out on the reason I'm here? Will I just disappear then!?

God, I don't know what to do!

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