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Public Service Announcement.

When making love on a studio floor, make sure there are no drumsticks or those guitary pedal things in the immediate area.

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My darling husband is now well enough to have surgery on his wrists. The damn Templar messed them up pretty badly when they hung him on that fucking thing, and if he doesn't have the surgery, he won't be able to play his guitar again. This obviously cannot happen. Good thoughts, prayers, support, silly letters, pairs of knickers...anything will be appreciated. He's understandably worried about it.

After this, he'll be coming home and I get to be a house husband! Because you know...I'm alive! I get to watch over him and this pleases me greatly.

Love to you all.
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I'm in Cork! I surprised my Spectre at the airport when the intrepid travellers of Spectre fame returned, because he didn't know I was back yet. He squealed and everything, it was awesome. And then there was some jumping into my arms and getting spun around action. I seem to have a habit of surprising him on my birthday. Which I completely approve of.

Speaking of my birthday, it is today. And I get to spend it with my friends and my husband, watching the amazing Adrina perform onstage. It's going to be wonderful! And then we'll be returning home for an epic reunion with the family. I know one little boy who talked about seeing his daddy again all day yesterday, and he just might not let go of Spectre for a week, I think. Somehow, I don't think Spectre will have a problem with that. Though James might have to battle with Mara... And Marie is getting possessive too. SO CUTE!

We met Isla Littleton the other day. She's our half-sister, and completely adorable. After the initial strangeness, which I won't explain because it's not really my business to do so, it was a completely wonderful time with completely wonderful people. I still haven't gotten to meet Galina, but I feel completely and totally blessed that the family is growing. To me, it doesn't matter how Isla and Galina came about (I don't need a diagram...) what matters is that they're here, and they're family.

I am so full of love right now! It might be because I got to see my Spectre again, and there were relations. Also epic. Mmmm yes.

Or it could be that it's just my default mode. Again. Finally. :D!
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It's early and no one's awake yet, and it's so quiet...

The little boy who tried to pick my pocket had a run-in with us again. This time Morgana was with us and she told us he's a werewolf. Thing is, the boy seemed to know this, but he ran off anyway before we could explain that we understood. That being said, I did manage to give him some money. I did what you said, Miss Mara. I just handed it over without preamble and he was plenty willing to take it.

Being a werewolf, even if he knows what he is, just makes it more dangerous for him to be out there. We should find him...

That being said, I need to take a few hours off from worrying myself into a tizzy because my mother is getting married this afternoon!! I'm so happy for her. So very happy. And Joe is moving to London, which isn't the happiest of circumstances, but I get to have my brother closer to me and that I dig!

And oh dear lord, James has this tiny tuxedo he's going to wear and he tried it on last night and I think my insides melted from adorable. Tiny tux!! Little tiny boy tux!!!

I wish Mary were here to see this.

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