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Hhhehhehehehee! )

Me too, Kitteh! Me too!! (And he is delicious, nom nom!)

In other news, we found a house and will be moving soon. And my husband is adorable! He's singing to the kids and James and Katya are singing back and my heart is melting!
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I'm sorry, Peter.

Please never fuck off.
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So... How do you all feel about Spain? Peter and his brood are heading off tomorrow and Peter just called me to ask if we want to come too. For Mara. I've been watching her since coming home and she doesn't look pleased to be here, and I'm worried. I think maybe some time away might be a good idea, but it's up to you all of course. I don't think I'll be around much longer, but I might make it a few days...

In Valencia, Mara would have Anna and I already asked Flynn if he would come and he said he would. He made sure he could leave the shelter for a few days. There would be a lot of people she didn't know, but the hacienda in Valencia has this little guest house out the back, and that's usually where the kids stay. With supervision, of course and we could make sure it was someone she knew. And Peter said Mara and Anna could have their own room so they could talk.

Also, since this was his idea, he says he's paying for it. And he made the don't argue voice, and you can't argue with that. Especially when he spent all day as a hostage, because he's already all fired up.

What do you think? I know it's ultimately up to her, but do you think it's a good idea to ask? And if she said yes, could you go? I want to bring James, but since I'll probably disappear in the middle of it all, I would need someone else there know...bring him back.

You really should see the place. And feel it. It's a place of so much love. I can't get over it.
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I do love that I made you happy then. When you needed it.

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