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Ryn's here! And jolly. And he and Aly are being chummy because David's all up in her head. And Kali's here and they talk shop and I sit here feeling like a fourth wheel, which are usually necessary! They're out searching and I am stuck at home with the skull, making dinner.

I can't make dinner! I'm a gardener! I can grow it! I made sandwiches and then taught myself to do the splits. I've never tried them before. Well, not since I was about ten.

I am totally split-tastic.

I'm going crazy, can you tell? I want Peter back :|

I'm going to call my son and act useful.
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Joe woke up! He's doing a lot better and now so am I. I had a long chat with Julian too, and we're just fine. Joe says he still feels ill, but the doctors are even more positive than they were yesterday. As long as he doesn't get some sort of secondary infection, we should be okay. So I did make sure I was quite clean and free of TB germs before I went in there.

Take that as a warning. Don't give my brother TB, or I will be forced to manhandle you in a violent manner, and I don't really like being violent. It's all sweaty and dirty in the wrong kind of way. And, incidentally, there's one good thing about dying. I no longer have my incredibly shitty immune system...

I went to see Samson after Jordan came back to be with Joe. He was all excited to see me. Well...Samson excited. It was really surreal... He sort of lit up and then he made me talk about the Bible. Which was easy enough, I've had enough practice! And he actually listened too. Which is good because I feel I'm giving him the less Hellfire version of Christianity. I hope it takes. But he smiled at me and complimented my mother. It's like he's unrecognisable... It pleases me.

And then I went to see poor Lavannah. She looked better today because she's talking again. She keeps coughing though, and it breaks my heart. I love Lavannah so much. I hate that this has happened to her and that it means she has to be in hospital again. I'll tell you what, if anyone told me "sorry, you have this thing which means you have to stay in a dark basement because you'll heal here" I'd be pissed off too.

Not that I am saying your hospital is like a dark basement, Petunia. Just that my dark basement is her hospital. Poor thing. But I made her smile too. That's three in one day. I feel a lot better already.

Spectre tomorrow. Then I will be complete.
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Fuckfuckfuckfuck fuckbags fuck.

Amaris almost got me today. Kat and I were in the park but then she had to go. Zoe hurt herself, though I've been assured since then that she's fine. But she left and I was alone with James and then she was there and FUCK.

She's watching me. It's obvious now. How else would she had found me the second there wasn't another adult with me. She knows James is my son. She threatened him. So I ran, because of course, someone didn't have his mobile charged up. The hospital was the closest place and I ran there and I got nearly hit by cars and people and I slipped on ice but I kept going, and I think when I got to the hospital I actually died a little from lack of air, but we're fine. James and I are fine. He's a little scared, so he's sleeping in our room tonight with me since Spectre's in the US. He's asleep now, looking all cute and perfect.

She almost got me today. She almost got my son. After hearing what Peter's dreams entailed and thinking she could do those things to James too... No. I've never been so scared in my life.

We're okay though, Baby. Just so you know. We're both okay, just really shaken up. This wasn't supposed to happen...
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Peter, I need you here. I need you to be whole.

I understand now. What you went through. I understand it. Or something like it.

Just don't die.

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