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Marie tried to bite off my ear! I think she thinks she's...that wrestler guy who bites ears. I don't remember his name. I don't watch wrestling. Either way, she's become a vicious little girl! But I love her anyway. And James put a band-aid on me (which I didn't actually need, but they have Harry Potter on them so he loves putting them everywhere) and Katya sang me a song to make me feel better.

Children are wonderful!

So is Spectre, even though he is spending nearly all of his time sequestered away in his attic studio, writing songs instead of paying attention to his super-hunky husband and his awesomely wonderful kids. Woe is us!
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Hhhehhehehehee! )

Me too, Kitteh! Me too!! (And he is delicious, nom nom!)

In other news, we found a house and will be moving soon. And my husband is adorable! He's singing to the kids and James and Katya are singing back and my heart is melting!
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I am in love.

Katya drew this! It's her! )

She said it's her and she's happy now and she loves London and she's a princess who has flowers and happiness... Oh my heart. It's melting.

We've been staying at the hospital because Katya has been gradually healing and getting stronger and we get to bring her home soon. James drew her a bunch of pictures to illustrate that she has a mummy and two daddies. It was adorable. She's not malnourished any more. She loves to hug and cuddle. She's...just so perfect and darling. AND I LOVE HER!

So...there's that. Oh, and my husband and wife? They are, perhaps, the most glorious individuals on this Earth. Just so you know. In case I don't say it enough.
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LONDON! Oh, how I missed your frosty chill. And look this shit still makes me laugh. If you want to see a funny face, call Peter Peepee.

Images of Disneyland and Lalaland )

Being with my husband while he was overseas was amazing. I got to run errands (yes, this excites me, I'm dead I have to find excitement in something) and I got to welcome him home every night. If he was tired I took care of him. He didn't have to miss me or the kids. I love being a tour husband! I hope I get to do it again sometime. I just...really kills me (lol :| ) that I might not get that chance. Pampering husband=love. So does knowing he doesn't have to go to sleep at night without me. I pretty much love it.

You know what else is love? Seeing Flynn at Disneyland. But I'll let him tell his own tale. Seeing him happy, though? And Quinn's surprise "Hi, I'm in California for one day just to go to Disneyland with you" visit was pretty damned incredible too. The trip was just...full of love. And I'm so blessed.
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My husband and the band shuffled off to the Anaheim convention centre in the morning and Caitlin stayed with the twins, leaving me with Mara and James. Apparently Mara and James are rabid tourists... We went to Hollywood Boulevard and we visited Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Ripley's Believe it or Not, a wax museum and then Venice Beach. Tomorrow I have been informed that we are going to the Getty in the afternoon and in the evening I have to be charming because my husband wants to show me off to his musician friends over dinner. Which I'm more than a little nervous about.

"We're going to have dinner with Dream Theater and Megadeth and Shoehorn and Vertigo Delinquents and Mad Cow Disease etc etc, will you come?"

....sure. That's...perfectly normal.

(I do admit to making up everything after Megadeth because I couldn't remember any of the other names...)

I just hope I can pull off charming to these people too. I feel sort of out of my league here. I'm just an ex-monk who died and now I have a family to raise. Right? Right...

Snaps of strange and wondrous things )
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Oh my god... It's like my worst nightmare... )


And I'm starting to feel hungry already. Stupid fucking zombie fever!! Not that it's anything like after Amaris. It'll just be normal. Which for me? Pretty fucking abnormal.

But we're in California, safe and sound. James is sleeping off the flight, and I'm going to have a goddamned cocktail as fruity as Liberace. And a steak.

It's warm here too. Thank fuck for that.
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It's through no shortcoming of my husband (because believe me, he does not have ANY of those) but I rather miss being able to be with my wife in a corporeal fashion. Women bits are nice if you're in to that sort of thing. Thankfully, because I don't believe the bits are the be all and end of of anything, I'll get to be with her soon either way. Please don't take her away from me right away? I mean if you have to, you have to. But I want me some Mary time. We seem to have the amazing ability of missing each other. I just miss my wife.

But Happy New Year's Eve! I'm still in Spain, though I don't think I'll make it much longer. Few more hours maybe. Wanted to tell everyone to have a fantastic start to the new year and I'll see you soon.

And I wanted to show you this )

It's amazingly relaxing here. I hope all of you are able to do some relaxing too.
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So... How do you all feel about Spain? Peter and his brood are heading off tomorrow and Peter just called me to ask if we want to come too. For Mara. I've been watching her since coming home and she doesn't look pleased to be here, and I'm worried. I think maybe some time away might be a good idea, but it's up to you all of course. I don't think I'll be around much longer, but I might make it a few days...

In Valencia, Mara would have Anna and I already asked Flynn if he would come and he said he would. He made sure he could leave the shelter for a few days. There would be a lot of people she didn't know, but the hacienda in Valencia has this little guest house out the back, and that's usually where the kids stay. With supervision, of course and we could make sure it was someone she knew. And Peter said Mara and Anna could have their own room so they could talk.

Also, since this was his idea, he says he's paying for it. And he made the don't argue voice, and you can't argue with that. Especially when he spent all day as a hostage, because he's already all fired up.

What do you think? I know it's ultimately up to her, but do you think it's a good idea to ask? And if she said yes, could you go? I want to bring James, but since I'll probably disappear in the middle of it all, I would need someone else there know...bring him back.

You really should see the place. And feel it. It's a place of so much love. I can't get over it.
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I want to do that 'Year in Review' thing too. Lots of things happened to me this year. I even died.

My Year )

So yeah. Mmmm. Hell of a year. It's depressing but I wanted to post it because after all of that, I'm okay. I'm still okay. And that's a big deal.
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I found old pictures of Mumsie!! Who is probably going to kick me for using the word 'old'...

I love you, Mums!

She is so superglamorous, and look there's my husband and son too! )

The past few days have been quiet. Peter bought a trampoline and I can do acrobatics on it and it's really fun until I realise I'm forty-one. And then it's still fun, it's just a guilty kind of fun! And I showed Caleb how to do some of it and now I fear I've created a trampoline monster... And James is badgering me about getting one too, but the backyard doesn't have room for it unless we rip out most of the garden. He's three, he also wants a spaceship, a pony and a pet dinosaur. I'm not evil for keeping the garden instead of a trampoline, right?!

RIGHT?! Daddy crisis! Help!
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I'm home, I spent the last two hours with my amazing son who is now asleep. He told me all about dressing up as his daddy for Halloween. Meaning Spectre. Oh, I just *melts*. Abby is off at Mums' with Stuart and Mara tonight, and Flynn and Spectre are touring. With James asleep, it's just me and the animals, who are all ignoring me with amazing ability.

I'm a sad man at home alone on a Sunday night, having just spent a week and a half searching for 'the Antichrist' in Rome and then burrowing through an underground wall for two days. You know the old story.

So I surfed the internets )
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James' third birthday was on the 20th. We went out and got him a dog named Coco. Meaning Chanel. She's a red doberman, and quite possibly the sweetest dog I've ever known. I love her. And James of course.

And now I'm wiggin because Peter's wife knows him better than I do and that's weird! And she knows my wife better too! I'm going to make her write it down.

This DOES, however, mean we can talk about Peter in code. I am very excited.

And by all of this I mean :(:(:( /avoiding
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I'm here. And I think I might be staying at Vic Lane for a few days because that's where my girl is. That'd be Marie, in case I confused anyone. I'm bringing James with me, so we can add to the motley crue of Laners.

I'm doing okay. Focusing on taking care of my kids. I think I'll graduate to taking care of others too, soon enough. And possibly myself, oh unknowable universe.

We can't change our pasts, only our futures. Sometimes second chances really do come at a great cost. Sometimes all that's left are good memories and the knowledge that things can be like that again eventually. And I guess that I can handle.
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I'm home. James has this incredible way at getting to the crux of an issue even though he's just under 3 and doesn't know what 'crux' means. He clearly doesn't need to. Anyway, he said the right thing. And now Abby is making me dinner and I'm lounging on the sofa and trying to relax.

It's not easy.
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As much as I hate the shite I went through at the end of my second life, I have to say some of the knowledge came in handy. Eating, even though I don't feel hunger, still makes the pull less. Like the energy which would go nowhere, goes to fighting it. So, once again, I am eating like a machine. It's going okay.

Scarlett still isn't ready to go home so I'm going to stay here with her. Stephie too. Marie and James come to see us every day. And today I went to see your father again and he started asking about kids. He wanted to know if you had any natural children from 'sleeping around as he did in his youth' (I patted him) and I said I was pretty sure you hadn't slept with a woman, but then I realised I don't actually know for sure. I never asked.

ANYway, I didn't tell him about James and Marie because for some reason the idea of him knowing about them still scares me. I don't want him to decide that they're the next generation of warriors for God or something. The idea of them going through what you went through makes me so sick. Maybe after he sees Hell is a lie. Maybe then.

I love you.
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Joe's awake! And he's going to be okay. Thank everything for that. They were about 5 hours away from cutting off his leg to keep him alive. But the infection is being fought now. And Julian is being followed, though I think he knows it. We'll have him back. I refuse to believe otherwise.

In the meantime, I have a beautiful little redhead in my lap, and another beside me! Aislinn is quite taken with Marie! She keeps pointing to her and saying, "baby!" And James is playing beside us, and Mara is reading on Mumsie's sofa. Today is a little better. Things aren't so terrible. We're still at Mums' (obviously...) but no one has seen hide nor hair of Amaris.

I'm starting to think she fucked off. If she were here, she'd be lording it over us. That's her way. I hope she got as far away as possible and that she stays there.
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Dear God my children are the most amazing people on his planet.

James came up to me today and he told me there was something he wanted me to see. He took my hand and he took me outside to our backyard and when I asked him what he wanted me to look at, he pointed at our garden. I said yes, it was growing nicely. And he said, "no, Daddy. You taught me how to give life. And look, it's right in front of you."

And then I think I may have squeezed the life out of him, but what an amazing boy. Being a father is the best thing in the entire world.

And then I visited Spectre in the shower, which has nothing to do with the rest of this, but he has nice hips.
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I couldn't be at the funeral today because Jordan's parents would have seen me and all hell would have broken loose. As far as I understand it, Julian wasn't there either. I can't really blame him. Poor kid.

I feel so empty right now. It's horrid and terrifying. And every time I see my son, I cling to him and he looks at me almost with pity because he knows I'm hurting. Maybe pity isn't the best word. Can a two-and-a-half year old feel sympathy? I think mostly when I was that age, I bit people and ate dubious things I found on the floor. Clearly James doesn't take after his dear old dad in that way, but I don't know. He lets me cling, and I need it. I am so terrified something will happen to him while I am gone.

So terrified, I feel fucking unmanned.
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Tomorrow we're going to try to bring Mary back. Spectre's going on tour soon, and James will need someone to stay with him, and I can't. Who better than his mother? I hope that I'll still be here, but her presence may negate any need for me to be here, and if that is the case, I won't be around for a few weeks. I will be back. Spectre's going to come make sure I'm there right away, and if anything's awry, we know where to look. Sacrifice isn't getting me twice.

It was really wonderful to see you all again. I wish I didn't have to go. I love you.
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James and I planted a vegetable garden! He thought worms were baby snakes, so I told him they couldn't hurt him. I taught him all about gardens and we planted and watered it together. It was really nice. And then I managed to wrangle a moment with Marie away from Charon. Of course, it did happen to be a moment when she needed a diaper change, but who am I to complain which moments I get?! I'll teach her to garden too, when she's old enough. If she wants to learn.

I never realised teaching your children something was so fulfilling. It's amazing.

Miss Aly came home this afternoon too, and Mara is over with Anna. So James and I are watching movies because gardening makes little boys tired. He's got Errol on his lap and they're so cute!

Okay, where did I put my macho? I know I left it somewhere...

Ah, who the fuck cares?! I'm a daddy!

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