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I don't even know if you're around...or whatever. I wish I could talk to you. And I can't do that prattling on about nothing thing I do to you when I'm here and you're not because you're here too, just not here here.

I miss you. I miss my Mary. And I saw Amaris in the park today. She was actually going to just leave me alone, but Mara showed up, the darling. And I think she wanted her some angel. Everything turned out fine...I pushed Amaris away from Mara and kept her safe until Caoilfhionn, of all people, showed up and scared Amaris away. Kind of on accident. And she left us alone too because she doesn't want to make 'Priesty' mad.

So we're both unharmed. And Mara knows not to go running off. And Spectre made me feel a lot better. But it was still quite...jarring. I was just in the park. And then I think of what you're about to face and I just...

Just be careful, Love. Be so careful. And know I have all the faith in the world in you and our friends. I love you.

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day in an hour or so...
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Hi, Babe. Robert's finally speaking with Liz and Aly. Hopefully they'll work everything out soon. I'm starting to feel it so I can imagine he is. Though it's old hat to me now so I barely notice. It wouldn't be like that for him. Mary left this morning. I woke up and she was gone.

Everything else here is going fine. Peter's calmer and he actually smiled today! I performed a tapdance in the kitchen with a pineapple for a partner and apparently he liked that. Pineapples are prickly dancing partners, by the way. I don't recommend them.

I made these for you )

I love you, Spectre. I hope you're well!
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Hello, Spectre.

I Miss You )

I'm with Deirdre. She told me to write 'I miss you' on my crotch so I fired her. She was rather cute and pouty.

I hope you have fun, Gorgeous!
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Hey, Babe? If you saw Peter's post, don't think anything of it. I'm fine, okay? I love you and I'll see you tomorrow if you're not busy.
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I think that reporter lady liked me.

It felt weird.
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Hello, Spectre! I was wondering if you were busy? If not, could I come over? I feel like doing something with my hands. anything...

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