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My husband and the band shuffled off to the Anaheim convention centre in the morning and Caitlin stayed with the twins, leaving me with Mara and James. Apparently Mara and James are rabid tourists... We went to Hollywood Boulevard and we visited Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Ripley's Believe it or Not, a wax museum and then Venice Beach. Tomorrow I have been informed that we are going to the Getty in the afternoon and in the evening I have to be charming because my husband wants to show me off to his musician friends over dinner. Which I'm more than a little nervous about.

"We're going to have dinner with Dream Theater and Megadeth and Shoehorn and Vertigo Delinquents and Mad Cow Disease etc etc, will you come?"

....sure. That's...perfectly normal.

(I do admit to making up everything after Megadeth because I couldn't remember any of the other names...)

I just hope I can pull off charming to these people too. I feel sort of out of my league here. I'm just an ex-monk who died and now I have a family to raise. Right? Right...

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It's through no shortcoming of my husband (because believe me, he does not have ANY of those) but I rather miss being able to be with my wife in a corporeal fashion. Women bits are nice if you're in to that sort of thing. Thankfully, because I don't believe the bits are the be all and end of of anything, I'll get to be with her soon either way. Please don't take her away from me right away? I mean if you have to, you have to. But I want me some Mary time. We seem to have the amazing ability of missing each other. I just miss my wife.

But Happy New Year's Eve! I'm still in Spain, though I don't think I'll make it much longer. Few more hours maybe. Wanted to tell everyone to have a fantastic start to the new year and I'll see you soon.

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It's amazingly relaxing here. I hope all of you are able to do some relaxing too.
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So... How do you all feel about Spain? Peter and his brood are heading off tomorrow and Peter just called me to ask if we want to come too. For Mara. I've been watching her since coming home and she doesn't look pleased to be here, and I'm worried. I think maybe some time away might be a good idea, but it's up to you all of course. I don't think I'll be around much longer, but I might make it a few days...

In Valencia, Mara would have Anna and I already asked Flynn if he would come and he said he would. He made sure he could leave the shelter for a few days. There would be a lot of people she didn't know, but the hacienda in Valencia has this little guest house out the back, and that's usually where the kids stay. With supervision, of course and we could make sure it was someone she knew. And Peter said Mara and Anna could have their own room so they could talk.

Also, since this was his idea, he says he's paying for it. And he made the don't argue voice, and you can't argue with that. Especially when he spent all day as a hostage, because he's already all fired up.

What do you think? I know it's ultimately up to her, but do you think it's a good idea to ask? And if she said yes, could you go? I want to bring James, but since I'll probably disappear in the middle of it all, I would need someone else there know...bring him back.

You really should see the place. And feel it. It's a place of so much love. I can't get over it.
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I wish so much that I could help Joe. It hurts a lot that I can't.

Seems to me, there's a lot of people I can't help, lately. I'm not used to feeling that way. It's kind of icky. So I am letting Miss Mara teach me how to make cookies.

It's something.
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Samson Mors is an utter dickwad. But even then, I saw the man ask for forgiveness yesterday. And if he can do that, I truly believe there's hope for everyone.

Less context is probably better at this point, but suffice to say he said he wouldn't use visions anymore. And I'll be damned, but considering the circumstances I actually believe him. He didn't see the error of his ways, or make any huge leap towards not being a dickwad, but he did realise that messing with people's minds isn't the right way to do anything. And that's something.

I want to talk to him again. It might amount to nothing. Maybe getting him this far is as much as we're ever going to get, but it's significantly more than nothing.

And might I also mention I have rarely been as proud of anyone as I was of Spectre yesterday. My husband is amazing.
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James and I planted a vegetable garden! He thought worms were baby snakes, so I told him they couldn't hurt him. I taught him all about gardens and we planted and watered it together. It was really nice. And then I managed to wrangle a moment with Marie away from Charon. Of course, it did happen to be a moment when she needed a diaper change, but who am I to complain which moments I get?! I'll teach her to garden too, when she's old enough. If she wants to learn.

I never realised teaching your children something was so fulfilling. It's amazing.

Miss Aly came home this afternoon too, and Mara is over with Anna. So James and I are watching movies because gardening makes little boys tired. He's got Errol on his lap and they're so cute!

Okay, where did I put my macho? I know I left it somewhere...

Ah, who the fuck cares?! I'm a daddy!
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I'm starving to death, I'm exhausted, I spend all my time changing diapers or reading books or playing games, and I'm so happy. James and I have now managed to classify every single plastic dinosaur he owns by era and species, and Marie and I play the cutest little kicking game. And she likes to make faces at me!! Mostly scrunchy, adorable, bestfaceever faces! And for lunch James and I made sandwich angels which was a sandwich with a cookie cutter angel shape and then he ate the insides and Mara ate the outsides, and then they swapped and I would have eaten one too, but then Marie was awake and now I'm spending my time here instead of doing anything else because James is running around and around my chair, squealing. Mara's chasing him, because they're playing Dogs and Cats, and Mara is a dog and James is a cat. A cat what squeals.

Angels schmangels, this is happiness!!
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I'm fine! Before anyone asks :) A good sleep, aspirin, antibiotics and fucktonnes of food will do that for you. And I've been lying down for a week now, and it's boring, so no more lying down. Even if sitting here isn't the most comfortable thing in the entire world.

As for what happened, Peter explained it very well. I have never dealt with that kind of violence before (well...not counting the Templar which was much less random and much more ow). Not aimed at me. It was so strange. I kept wanting to say, 'I'm not gay, I'm not gay' but not only did that feel like denying love for my husband which I will never do no matter the circumstance, but they did have evidence that I am in a gay relationship and that was what they were taking undue offense to. I don't think they'd give a damn that I have a wife too... But to be called those see my husband called those things. And to be threatened simply for loving was absurd and disgusting and I felt so dirty inside. But I do know they were the ones in the wrong. And my Spectre saved my life. And then little Mara saved it again. They're just the most incredible siblings ever, aren't they?!

Speaking of Mara...and Templar...she says when she was out searching for us, she came upon a priest who knew Spectre's name. And he was quite insistent that he help her find Spectre. Mara said he felt 'wrong' and she stomped on his foot and ran away. It sounds like Templar to me. So there's a very good chance that the Templar know Spectre has a little sister. Extra care, might just be a good idea?

Despite everything? I'm doing very well. I'm happy to be home. I even sent Dragomir a thank you note for his fruitbasket. Sure it said, "Thank you for remembering us!" but I think a little cheek is allowed, eh?

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