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Marie tried to bite off my ear! I think she thinks she's...that wrestler guy who bites ears. I don't remember his name. I don't watch wrestling. Either way, she's become a vicious little girl! But I love her anyway. And James put a band-aid on me (which I didn't actually need, but they have Harry Potter on them so he loves putting them everywhere) and Katya sang me a song to make me feel better.

Children are wonderful!

So is Spectre, even though he is spending nearly all of his time sequestered away in his attic studio, writing songs instead of paying attention to his super-hunky husband and his awesomely wonderful kids. Woe is us!
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Dear Stephie,

Marie and Iccy miss you! )

She also informed her Daddy-Spectre she is going to be a 'big stripper'. I had to hide in the closet (harhar) because my laughter was causing me to be a 'bad influence'. Daddy-Spectre is so straight-edged (harhar) sometimes!
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I'm here. And I think I might be staying at Vic Lane for a few days because that's where my girl is. That'd be Marie, in case I confused anyone. I'm bringing James with me, so we can add to the motley crue of Laners.

I'm doing okay. Focusing on taking care of my kids. I think I'll graduate to taking care of others too, soon enough. And possibly myself, oh unknowable universe.

We can't change our pasts, only our futures. Sometimes second chances really do come at a great cost. Sometimes all that's left are good memories and the knowledge that things can be like that again eventually. And I guess that I can handle.
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As much as I hate the shite I went through at the end of my second life, I have to say some of the knowledge came in handy. Eating, even though I don't feel hunger, still makes the pull less. Like the energy which would go nowhere, goes to fighting it. So, once again, I am eating like a machine. It's going okay.

Scarlett still isn't ready to go home so I'm going to stay here with her. Stephie too. Marie and James come to see us every day. And today I went to see your father again and he started asking about kids. He wanted to know if you had any natural children from 'sleeping around as he did in his youth' (I patted him) and I said I was pretty sure you hadn't slept with a woman, but then I realised I don't actually know for sure. I never asked.

ANYway, I didn't tell him about James and Marie because for some reason the idea of him knowing about them still scares me. I don't want him to decide that they're the next generation of warriors for God or something. The idea of them going through what you went through makes me so sick. Maybe after he sees Hell is a lie. Maybe then.

I love you.
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Joe's awake! And he's going to be okay. Thank everything for that. They were about 5 hours away from cutting off his leg to keep him alive. But the infection is being fought now. And Julian is being followed, though I think he knows it. We'll have him back. I refuse to believe otherwise.

In the meantime, I have a beautiful little redhead in my lap, and another beside me! Aislinn is quite taken with Marie! She keeps pointing to her and saying, "baby!" And James is playing beside us, and Mara is reading on Mumsie's sofa. Today is a little better. Things aren't so terrible. We're still at Mums' (obviously...) but no one has seen hide nor hair of Amaris.

I'm starting to think she fucked off. If she were here, she'd be lording it over us. That's her way. I hope she got as far away as possible and that she stays there.
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James and I planted a vegetable garden! He thought worms were baby snakes, so I told him they couldn't hurt him. I taught him all about gardens and we planted and watered it together. It was really nice. And then I managed to wrangle a moment with Marie away from Charon. Of course, it did happen to be a moment when she needed a diaper change, but who am I to complain which moments I get?! I'll teach her to garden too, when she's old enough. If she wants to learn.

I never realised teaching your children something was so fulfilling. It's amazing.

Miss Aly came home this afternoon too, and Mara is over with Anna. So James and I are watching movies because gardening makes little boys tired. He's got Errol on his lap and they're so cute!

Okay, where did I put my macho? I know I left it somewhere...

Ah, who the fuck cares?! I'm a daddy!

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