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Last night was... There are no words. Perfect. Wonderful. Amazing. Mind-blowing. None of them can capture it.

Also, I am very tired, but in the best way! I am a husband! To the world's two most beautiful people.

Thank you to everyone who came and made the day what it was. Thank you so much. I love you all. I feel rather like I might float away right now. I'm so utterly content. Life, or what-have-you, is beautiful. Having you all there meant so much to me. It really did. I've never been this happy. And I know...for me to say that, truly means something.
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I'm getting married. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tonight I have a bachelor's party and then tomorrow I'll have a husband and a wife. I'm getting married.

I'm not freaking out, by the way, I'm just...whoa.
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I've never felt so alive as I do around my brothers. Well, that's not true, but they're two of the people who make me feel that way the most. They helped me pick out a cummerbund and stopped a panic attack before it got remotely panicky or attacky.

[ profile] break_the_image That's Adam. And he's one of my heros.

Oh, and I may have told Mara that now Spectre is going to be her brother and her Uncle and I confused the crap out of her. Whoops. Luckily she said "You're crazy, Uncle Thomas" and then she made me wear her tiara and attend a tea party. So I got off pretty lightly...
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For those of you who couldn't make it, and those of you who could but want to see it again, I am going to marry Spectre and Mary at the Kemp Manor House on Friday, April 18th and I want you all to be there if it's possible. Peter's going to do the service and my whole family will be there and it's going to be beautiful. It's a symbol that love isn't bound by law or even death. If you feel like that's something you want to celebrate, we're of an accord and you should come!

And I'm told there's bucks and hens nights the night before, but I'm not allowed the details. Speak to Mr and Mrs Kemp about that.

I love you all.

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