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Mums just sent me this book!

And I know it's not Spectre she is referring to.

Peter, Mums is calling you my boyfriend again! And also the Antichrist a little bit...
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I found old pictures of Mumsie!! Who is probably going to kick me for using the word 'old'...

I love you, Mums!

She is so superglamorous, and look there's my husband and son too! )

The past few days have been quiet. Peter bought a trampoline and I can do acrobatics on it and it's really fun until I realise I'm forty-one. And then it's still fun, it's just a guilty kind of fun! And I showed Caleb how to do some of it and now I fear I've created a trampoline monster... And James is badgering me about getting one too, but the backyard doesn't have room for it unless we rip out most of the garden. He's three, he also wants a spaceship, a pony and a pet dinosaur. I'm not evil for keeping the garden instead of a trampoline, right?!

RIGHT?! Daddy crisis! Help!
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Tonight, I was sitting at the hospital and Abby and my Mumsie said we should go out for dinner because we weren't doing any good just sitting. I had no idea they were plotting something.

But look )

I'm so very happy right now. My nephew is safe, even if he has hard times ahead. I was reunited with Ellie. My Spectre is safe and soon I'll fall asleep with him and sweet little Mara. It's just nice.

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