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Mums just sent me this book!

And I know it's not Spectre she is referring to.

Peter, Mums is calling you my boyfriend again! And also the Antichrist a little bit...
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Peter's still avoiding me. Argh. And Kat won't let me see her, though that doesn't surprise me. And I keep thinking...god, I almost tried this. And I'm sure the crappiness I feel over Kat wanting to leave me is nothing compared to what you both experienced over me trying to leave you. Not that that was my intention, but...I'm so sorry. I really, really am. My heart breaks when I think of how frightened and upset you must have been. I won't cause you that kind of pain again.

But, focusing on the good, Mums loves James. She came and cuddled him and he sang her all his brilliant little genius songs and then she made him hot chocolate even though it wasn't cold outside, and they made best friends and he told her he didn't want her to leave. She promised she'd come back and he was well pleased. And after she left, he told me he loved her and me!! And now he's taking a nap and he's so cute, I don't even know what to do with myself!!

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