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Mums just sent me this book!

And I know it's not Spectre she is referring to.

Peter, Mums is calling you my boyfriend again! And also the Antichrist a little bit...
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I found old pictures of Mumsie!! Who is probably going to kick me for using the word 'old'...

I love you, Mums!

She is so superglamorous, and look there's my husband and son too! )

The past few days have been quiet. Peter bought a trampoline and I can do acrobatics on it and it's really fun until I realise I'm forty-one. And then it's still fun, it's just a guilty kind of fun! And I showed Caleb how to do some of it and now I fear I've created a trampoline monster... And James is badgering me about getting one too, but the backyard doesn't have room for it unless we rip out most of the garden. He's three, he also wants a spaceship, a pony and a pet dinosaur. I'm not evil for keeping the garden instead of a trampoline, right?!

RIGHT?! Daddy crisis! Help!
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Oh shit.

Guys, Mums heard about what Kat did (I don't even know how) and she's coming to you. Well...she's coming to Kat. Thank Christ.

Also? She totally boxed my ears, made me eat green beans and then grounded me for my part in it all. I deserved it.

No news on Peter. We're still trying.
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Muuuuuuuuuummmssss! Adam says I'm nothing but a trophy husband!

Make him stttooopppppp!
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It's early and no one's awake yet, and it's so quiet...

The little boy who tried to pick my pocket had a run-in with us again. This time Morgana was with us and she told us he's a werewolf. Thing is, the boy seemed to know this, but he ran off anyway before we could explain that we understood. That being said, I did manage to give him some money. I did what you said, Miss Mara. I just handed it over without preamble and he was plenty willing to take it.

Being a werewolf, even if he knows what he is, just makes it more dangerous for him to be out there. We should find him...

That being said, I need to take a few hours off from worrying myself into a tizzy because my mother is getting married this afternoon!! I'm so happy for her. So very happy. And Joe is moving to London, which isn't the happiest of circumstances, but I get to have my brother closer to me and that I dig!

And oh dear lord, James has this tiny tuxedo he's going to wear and he tried it on last night and I think my insides melted from adorable. Tiny tux!! Little tiny boy tux!!!

I wish Mary were here to see this.
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Les Miserables opens on Wednesday and I'm nervous! Already. Which, I think, is making me eat more than usual. Which is saying something.

My Mumsie is getting married and I'm going to have a step-father. We had a long talk about how if he hurts her like Bernard did, he'll never again know the touch of a woman. And then he said the most incredible thing. "I am so proud I am going to be your step-father." And he meant all of us, not just me there. But...the man is 64, and he's marrying a woman who has five grown children. Technically he doesn't really have to have much to do with us at all in a 'father' capacity. The raising has been done, you know? As done as it ever really is, anyway. My mother did that on her own, and deserves a frickin' award for it. But he said it anyway, and it made me feel...well I felt like I was ten years old again, and finally hearing what I've been waiting to hear since Bernard left us.

I don't think I usually get this mushy outside talking about my spouses or my children (who are gorgeous, by the way!), but it was such a wonderful thing for him to say. It made me really happy. And seeing Mums all cute and giggly is only making me happier.

It's a wonderful time right now.
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Mummy! I'm going to be a husband.

Say reassuring things!
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Hi, Mumsie.

I ran into demons in the park today and I'm scared. And my girlfriend's in Rome and I'm scared. And Peter keeps having little vision fits and London's all... !!! and I'm scared.

Come over?
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I'm in Bradford!! Which is where I grew up, those of you who are like "Where the fuck is that?!" Yeah...valid. It's on the Avon!! I've just been spending time with Mumsie, Joe, Julian and my Mary. And it's been fantastic, even if Mums beat ALL of us at naughty word Scrabble last night. I was erm...slightly too inebriated to be much good. Mary very nearly caught her though!! They're feisty! And today, I showed Mary all around the town I grew up in. So the poor dear had to hear horror stories like 'that's the alley I threw up in after going to Bobby Ridgeway's party and eating too much cake'. Pleasant, no?! And there was the 'this is the house I very nearly got laid in until I realised that would be all unholy, and ended up offending the girl'. Which was fair enough because I actually DID use the word 'unholy'. Poor thing. She was really excited too, and I shattered her unholy dreams. And mine too, mind!

Pictures except not of Julian because he threatened me... )

And I have to stop now, because there's too much cute. I may explode.

Do I get 'disturbing points' for putting a picture of my nearly naked brother AND pictures of my lovers in the same picspam? I really think I should...

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