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My darling husband is now well enough to have surgery on his wrists. The damn Templar messed them up pretty badly when they hung him on that fucking thing, and if he doesn't have the surgery, he won't be able to play his guitar again. This obviously cannot happen. Good thoughts, prayers, support, silly letters, pairs of knickers...anything will be appreciated. He's understandably worried about it.

After this, he'll be coming home and I get to be a house husband! Because you know...I'm alive! I get to watch over him and this pleases me greatly.

Love to you all.
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Spectre is feeling better today. He let me see him, but he's still having trouble letting me too close. He says he doesn't know why, but I think it's older issues resurfacing. (Thanks to Abby's training...)

I've been thinking about what might help. I think he needs someone to talk to about it. Someone who has been close to him for a very long time.

I think he needs Jax? Maybe?
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Hey, baby. First of all YAY MARA! Second of all YAY Quinn and Flynn! And third of all, I told you I talked to your father over LJ yesterday. I went on for ages about how wonderful you are because he wanted to know more about you? Apparently what I said had an effect on him. He wrote me this today.

I was up all night thinking about what you said, Thomas. I can see your point of view. I think, however, that you are operating with information I don't have.

You once proposed that you show me you call the Beyond. I need to know for sure. To see it for myself. If I am going to know for sure that your homosexuality does not condemn you to hell, I need to see the proof.

If I see that...I think I can accept your relationship. I trust now that you would not be using Adrian's powers to fool me. You reached out to me and you would not have gone through all of this if it was as easy as creating an illusion. I am ready when you are.

We haven't had time to do it before because I was here and then there was touring and then I was here again. I'll be gone in a few days, which is for the best, because I'm getting a bit sore. When I'm gone, it would probably be the right time to bring him to the Beyond. I'll be there, and he can see being gay doesn't send you to Hell. Just make sure Mums or someone is there with your body as well, like we said, though I worry much less about him hurting you these days. It just can't hurt to have someone else he trusts there.

Unless you're not ready for this? If you're not, it's perfectly okay, Babe. Rushing into things never works out.

Also, have I mentioned how attractive your tight little body is when you wear your swimmers? Because yowza.
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I'm still at the hospital. Scarlett and Stephie are awake more often now and I think I might go get us all cake soon! I hope cake doesn't freak them both out... Cake is pretty non-offensive, right? And also sooo good.

I had a long chat with your father. I thanked him for what he did, because when I saw him right afterwards I wasn't much for the talking. And then we chatted about what he said on your journal. He was shocked we both considered it strange because he said he always loved his family and he was surprised this wasn't obvious. We talked about about how people percieve love. I actually had to stop him from ringing you after we had lunch because you would have been in sound check probably. And I'm assuming you'd rather have the conversation when you get back? It'll be okay though, baby. He'll listen to you. I think he wants to listen to you. I said it would be very easy to take his actions as actions not of love but of hate and he got very upset. I think he regrets a great deal.

I hope you don't mind that I talked to him... It's okay, right? Even though asking now is a total cop-out. I just felt it was important to at least bring up to him now, lest he continue to do it and not understand why you don't respond.

I love you. I miss you. You've been gone a day and already I'm all piney. But at least I know you're safe and happy and having the time of your life. That's worth a hell of a lot.

Did Deirdre get you drunk last night?
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Dear God my children are the most amazing people on his planet.

James came up to me today and he told me there was something he wanted me to see. He took my hand and he took me outside to our backyard and when I asked him what he wanted me to look at, he pointed at our garden. I said yes, it was growing nicely. And he said, "no, Daddy. You taught me how to give life. And look, it's right in front of you."

And then I think I may have squeezed the life out of him, but what an amazing boy. Being a father is the best thing in the entire world.

And then I visited Spectre in the shower, which has nothing to do with the rest of this, but he has nice hips.
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I would get back to London the day after you leave.

I love you, Babe. Everything's okay. I think all Hell broke loose, but Lavannah's safe in hospital. And it wasn't Aurelia, it was her damn fucking twin sister. Confirmed now by Dr Wentworth who casually said, "I never told you she had a twin sister?"

No, Dr Twatface, you didn't. I can't really be mad at him though because had I still been alive at this juncture, he would be the reason I wouldn't be attached to a food tube.

I'm being belligerent. I'm in a shite mood. I don't really want to talk about the fight. Before that, Peter and I got separated from Svetlana and Mary and there were a bunch of ghosts (hundreds, I am not exaggerating) who cornered us in this prison cell and locked the door. And I wasn't doing so well there because of course our supplies got dropped outside the cell in the ghost attack. And I was watching Peter go hungry and it made me a little bit mad. And then we kissed. And I'm so sorry. And it doesn't mean anything except that once we loved each other and we're still best friends and Mary already whacked me upside the head for it, as she should have. And I didn't filter this to her for once because I want you to feel comfortable to react any way you want to without feeling like someone else is going to read it and judge. Not that she would... And you should probably expect a post from Peter too because you know him and guilt.

Argh. I'm sorry. I love you. I'll be here when you get back (unless you want me to come there because I will if you need it. I'm sure Mary will understand...) and I may have already purchased some 'I'm a shitty husband' presents that are waiting for you on our bed.

Next time I go off on some harebrained rescue mission, can you remind me that I have issues which may complicate things and until I work them out I should avoid putting myself into situations which may exacerbate my symptoms?

Holy shit, I just spoke 'Abby'.

I'm hoping you find that charming.

Are you mad...?
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Today is my husband's birthday! He's twenty-eight. And beautiful. So beautiful. And I'm going to spoil him rotten because today is a very important day. And I love him. And he deserves it.

And I like spoiling him because he gets this cute "I can't believe it's real" look. But it is real. And I get to give it to him.

I get to give him everything.

Oooh oooh! And a stuffed squid! Hahhahaha it looks like a big, white penis with tentacles.
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Babe, is it alright if I stay with Svetlana tomorrow night? I'll probably bring James with me so she and Rasputina can play. Svetlana's feeling a little lonely. She said she has no one to snuggle. So is it also alright if I sleep next to her? I swear to you nothing will happen, but if you don't want me to, of course I won't. Nor will I be upset that you asked me not to. Your feelings are most important to me.

(This icon has nothing to do with the post, I just wanted you to see it!)

I'm also going to go with Deirdre tomorrow to look for this Patrick Ravensdale chappy. That'd be in the afternoon. So I'll bring you breakfast in bed to make up for being away all day and night. (And if you needed someone to snuggle, I'm sure Flynn would be up for that!!)
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If things ever get too much for you and I'm not here, you'd come tell me right? And then someone here of course...

I just have to make sure... Because I don't know if you told anyone how bad things were for you while I wasn't here. Deirdre knew, but she's like that. And she would do anything if it meant you would smile because she loves you more than she loves most people. And I don't know if you told anyone else what you were doing to try to...I don't know, whatever it was. I don't even know if that's entirely relevant, all I know is I had a dream and I need to know that you wouldn't keep what you were feeling bottled up inside.
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I'm fine! Before anyone asks :) A good sleep, aspirin, antibiotics and fucktonnes of food will do that for you. And I've been lying down for a week now, and it's boring, so no more lying down. Even if sitting here isn't the most comfortable thing in the entire world.

As for what happened, Peter explained it very well. I have never dealt with that kind of violence before (well...not counting the Templar which was much less random and much more ow). Not aimed at me. It was so strange. I kept wanting to say, 'I'm not gay, I'm not gay' but not only did that feel like denying love for my husband which I will never do no matter the circumstance, but they did have evidence that I am in a gay relationship and that was what they were taking undue offense to. I don't think they'd give a damn that I have a wife too... But to be called those see my husband called those things. And to be threatened simply for loving was absurd and disgusting and I felt so dirty inside. But I do know they were the ones in the wrong. And my Spectre saved my life. And then little Mara saved it again. They're just the most incredible siblings ever, aren't they?!

Speaking of Mara...and Templar...she says when she was out searching for us, she came upon a priest who knew Spectre's name. And he was quite insistent that he help her find Spectre. Mara said he felt 'wrong' and she stomped on his foot and ran away. It sounds like Templar to me. So there's a very good chance that the Templar know Spectre has a little sister. Extra care, might just be a good idea?

Despite everything? I'm doing very well. I'm happy to be home. I even sent Dragomir a thank you note for his fruitbasket. Sure it said, "Thank you for remembering us!" but I think a little cheek is allowed, eh?
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Today, I had my second one-year anniversary. Ever. I've been with Mary for a year and two months now, and with my Spectre for a year today. And I'm so happy.

I didn't know if I'd be around, so I ordered deliverable presents and they've been coming to the door every hour on the hour. It's awesome! I'm so glad I was here to share his glee with him! He's so cute!

And Stuart is my hero. Or one of many. Off to eat a lifetime's supply of ice cream in one sitting!
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Last night was... There are no words. Perfect. Wonderful. Amazing. Mind-blowing. None of them can capture it.

Also, I am very tired, but in the best way! I am a husband! To the world's two most beautiful people.

Thank you to everyone who came and made the day what it was. Thank you so much. I love you all. I feel rather like I might float away right now. I'm so utterly content. Life, or what-have-you, is beautiful. Having you all there meant so much to me. It really did. I've never been this happy. And I know...for me to say that, truly means something.
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I told my mother and she very nearly knocked me over in excitement. But then she asked the dreaded questions. Like, when is this happening, and where is it happening and are you going to spend the wedding night with both of them (?!?!) and then she said 'I don't have to get you a toaster, right?' Questions are fun. Help.

Are we telling other people now? Is this soon. I'm not freaking out. I almost promise I'm not freaking out.

Tomorrow Mums and I are travelling up to Bristol. To see Adam. He's going to faint or something. But I want him there, least to know he can be there. It doesn't feel fair otherwise. He's the only family member I have who hasn't seen me. Even my stupid, deserter of a father had seen me, even though he thinks it was a dream (thank the ghoulies).

I still haven't seen Peter. What should I tell him?
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Hey, Baby. I just have to make sure of something. You're not upset about what Mary did, are you? If you are, you can talk to me about it.

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