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I am in love.

Katya drew this! It's her! )

She said it's her and she's happy now and she loves London and she's a princess who has flowers and happiness... Oh my heart. It's melting.

We've been staying at the hospital because Katya has been gradually healing and getting stronger and we get to bring her home soon. James drew her a bunch of pictures to illustrate that she has a mummy and two daddies. It was adorable. She's not malnourished any more. She loves to hug and cuddle. She's...just so perfect and darling. AND I LOVE HER!

So...there's that. Oh, and my husband and wife? They are, perhaps, the most glorious individuals on this Earth. Just so you know. In case I don't say it enough.
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Hey, Babe. Back already, apparently I can't stay away.

I have to go to Buttfuck Nowhere to help Peter find Lavannah. He thinks Aurelia is there too, which won't that be fun? I'll be alright though, I promise. I'm sorry I won't see your show tonight, but know I'd be watching if I could.

I love you, and I loved seeing you at Download. You were brilliant. Have a good tour, okay? Have lots of fun and don't worry. I'll be with Peter and Mary.

I got to see Mary. Thank everything.
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Tomorrow we're going to try to bring Mary back. Spectre's going on tour soon, and James will need someone to stay with him, and I can't. Who better than his mother? I hope that I'll still be here, but her presence may negate any need for me to be here, and if that is the case, I won't be around for a few weeks. I will be back. Spectre's going to come make sure I'm there right away, and if anything's awry, we know where to look. Sacrifice isn't getting me twice.

It was really wonderful to see you all again. I wish I didn't have to go. I love you.
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If this post were a school report, it would be called "What I did on my Buck's night-A pictorial exploration." And it would get a A.

A+, really... )

And this essay is entitled, "What I did on my Wedding Night-Why I am the Luckiest Man Alive" And it's entirely based on my crass sense of humour.

My Mumsie thinks I'm funny... )
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Last night was... There are no words. Perfect. Wonderful. Amazing. Mind-blowing. None of them can capture it.

Also, I am very tired, but in the best way! I am a husband! To the world's two most beautiful people.

Thank you to everyone who came and made the day what it was. Thank you so much. I love you all. I feel rather like I might float away right now. I'm so utterly content. Life, or what-have-you, is beautiful. Having you all there meant so much to me. It really did. I've never been this happy. And I know...for me to say that, truly means something.
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For those of you who couldn't make it, and those of you who could but want to see it again, I am going to marry Spectre and Mary at the Kemp Manor House on Friday, April 18th and I want you all to be there if it's possible. Peter's going to do the service and my whole family will be there and it's going to be beautiful. It's a symbol that love isn't bound by law or even death. If you feel like that's something you want to celebrate, we're of an accord and you should come!

And I'm told there's bucks and hens nights the night before, but I'm not allowed the details. Speak to Mr and Mrs Kemp about that.

I love you all.

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