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Mary=yum. WetMary=Even more yum. Even if I did sneeze on her (that...wasn't why she was wet. Uhm...that was the shower...)

Clearly, I am feeling much better...and especially now.


Ahem. Something constructive, something constructive.... Peter brought me a fedora today! It's purple. He said it reminded him of me and I asked him why I reminded him of a pimp when we used to be holy brothers and he said, "Ah, Brother Littleton. Tis the way of the world. What once was Holy, shall become unholy and pimping. And God said it was good."

Sometimes the things he says leave me quite speechless...
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Last night was... There are no words. Perfect. Wonderful. Amazing. Mind-blowing. None of them can capture it.

Also, I am very tired, but in the best way! I am a husband! To the world's two most beautiful people.

Thank you to everyone who came and made the day what it was. Thank you so much. I love you all. I feel rather like I might float away right now. I'm so utterly content. Life, or what-have-you, is beautiful. Having you all there meant so much to me. It really did. I've never been this happy. And I know...for me to say that, truly means something.
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I don't even know if you're around...or whatever. I wish I could talk to you. And I can't do that prattling on about nothing thing I do to you when I'm here and you're not because you're here too, just not here here.

I miss you. I miss my Mary. And I saw Amaris in the park today. She was actually going to just leave me alone, but Mara showed up, the darling. And I think she wanted her some angel. Everything turned out fine...I pushed Amaris away from Mara and kept her safe until Caoilfhionn, of all people, showed up and scared Amaris away. Kind of on accident. And she left us alone too because she doesn't want to make 'Priesty' mad.

So we're both unharmed. And Mara knows not to go running off. And Spectre made me feel a lot better. But it was still quite...jarring. I was just in the park. And then I think of what you're about to face and I just...

Just be careful, Love. Be so careful. And know I have all the faith in the world in you and our friends. I love you.

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day in an hour or so...
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Mary's gone now. I hate it when she goes. Which makes me feel bad because I get an inkling of how you all feel when I go, and I'm sorry!!

Love you, Babe )

Isn't she gorgeous?
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I told Peter what Robert did because he's my Peter and I, therefore, cannot keep secrets from him. And I think he exploded. Whoopsie. But I told him it was alright because Robert's with my Mary right now. Imagine what she's doing to him. I really think he'll get what he deserves and we can have done with it.

Mental images are fun sometimes...

So this guy Dietrich keeps coming to see Peter and Peter has to keep acting like nothing's wrong and it's getting harder and harder and I don't like it and next time Dr. Doolittle (He's Austrian so I suppose it'd be Dr. Dooklein...look I knew a German word!! I have to show Peter....) comes round, I'm going to act crazy until he leaves. Or I'll just sing, that'd do it! By the way, Dietrich is a veterinarian.... I think Peter enjoys seeing him more than he lets on, but it's a lot of stress to act unill when you are ill. Especially when you could forget you're acting at any moment...

Today was another good day though. And I fed Aly lots of food and I think she's on to me!

Hee, Dooklein....

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