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I'm sorry, Peter.

Please never fuck off.
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Peter... You can't just do that. What's up. Tell me. And stop hanging up on me! Is everything okay?

Is everyone okay?
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Hey, Peter? I could really use some Bromance time. Are you around?
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I'm in a helicopter!! The pilot said I could do this.

Peter shaved and he took a shower (I think he orgasmed over a bar of soap...I heard it) and he ate a bunch of spaghetti and vomited all over my lap, which was lovely. So then I took a shower (no orgasms, sadly) and then we left.

There's a Templar in the helicopter, but I've been assured by Saul that he's really on their side. He's asleep, and I don't trust him, but he hasn't done anything horrible. You know, yet. Peter said he fed him, but Peter also said he was starting to believe he was the last person on Earth and he's still sounding a little disjointed... The man makes one wrong move, and I'm going to karate chop his head off. I'm almost certain I could at least partly do that.

I'm doing okay. My best friend is here. I missed him so much. I was so scared for him, but he's here and he's talking (not right now, now he's sleeping too) and he was able to walk his way out of the terrible place, for the most part. He'll be okay, and so will I.

I spent two days digging through a wall and managed to find myself again in the process. Now that's pretty good work, I'd say. And now I have a lovely demon in my lap and Aly's smiling at me. Peter's snoring like the chainsaw he is. We did good.
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I miss you. I'm distracting myself in any way I can, but all I can really think about is you. And that you're going through something horrible. And I have to stand back and let Indiana Jones and Charlie's Angels look for you because when I was helping, I was too afraid of Amaris and the Templar and I held them all back.

I've become a fraidy cat. A loser. I used to be that guy. That 'burst into the building and bust heads and then ask questions' guy. Now I'm 'hide in the fortress house and teach myself dance moves to hide my weeping soul' guy. I try to pretend I'm fine but I'm not. And I'm actually terrified someone might ask why I'm NOT out with them. What would I say? Sorry, I travelled all this way to panic attack my way into the splits, but I did learn a new sandwich recipe!

My best friend is suffering and I know how he feels and I am useless. I've been rendered useless.

I'm so sorry.
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I'm in Aly's housefortress which is pretty bitchin'...

So that head I delivered? It can talk. Well okay, not TALK but it talks in Aly's head, which I find a little disturbing, but whatever. It's some kind of angel telepathy thing. Mara and Spectre can do it, which is how she managed to save us from Razvan's uncle's basement that one time with the mix up and the gay haters. Apparently the skull just had nothing to say until now.

His name is Leontios, and he's from Greece, and yes I feel ridiculous talking about a skull like it's a person, but it is... Leontios says he was imprisoned in some sort of...special underground vault thing in Constantinople (I know it's Istanbul now, but it wasn't then) by the Templar. Ryn and Kali found him even though the Templar had lost track of the crypt over the intervening four hundred years. He says they have places like that scattered around and most of them have been lost to time. He thinks there is one in Jerusalem, and he knows there is one somewhere in or near Rome which was specifically made for...wait for it...the Antichrist.

Apparently they built it ages ago and they never lost track of it because it's been constantly guarded since they day it was finished being built; ready and waiting. He thinks that is where Peter is. Explains why he wasn't in the complex. Of course, now we have to find this Indiana Jones frickin' thing with booby traps and all sorts of wank. Leontios said it'd be hard to find, but they would consider that the 'guard'. The place would be manned, but likely not by many people. They are trusting the difficulty in getting there to be the main deterrent.

If we don't find him he's going to end up like that goddamn skull.

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