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I want to do that 'Year in Review' thing too. Lots of things happened to me this year. I even died.

My Year )

So yeah. Mmmm. Hell of a year. It's depressing but I wanted to post it because after all of that, I'm okay. I'm still okay. And that's a big deal.
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Hey, Babe. Back already, apparently I can't stay away.

I have to go to Buttfuck Nowhere to help Peter find Lavannah. He thinks Aurelia is there too, which won't that be fun? I'll be alright though, I promise. I'm sorry I won't see your show tonight, but know I'd be watching if I could.

I love you, and I loved seeing you at Download. You were brilliant. Have a good tour, okay? Have lots of fun and don't worry. I'll be with Peter and Mary.

I got to see Mary. Thank everything.
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Word to the wise? Don't take food from my hands.

I almost slaughtered Peter for that this morning. Normally he would have known better, but he was more than a little out of it. Which brings me to my next point.

He's passed out in his office, sleeping off the fact that he hasn't slept in three days. I'll be out this afternoon, helping with the search, but tonight I need to be at home with Spectre. I spent last night away from him and I don't want to deprive him of another night.
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I misssssss you.

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First off, Evey's okay. And thank fuck too. She made fun of my messy hair, and that's how I know she's absolutely alright.

Today Flynn and I took James to the park because our respective loves were busy. And I have to say, despite what Flynn says, he is wonderful with kids. Absolutely wonderful. James adores him. And I think it goes both ways too.

See, I have evidence )

The other day I found my death notice in a newspaper from 1993. It was...weird. Weird and sad, but beside it were all the little letters that people send in for their lost loved ones. And reading that...I felt sad too, but so loved. I've been blessed with such wonderful family. Twice. I wish I could share them with everyone.

Saturday is closing night for Jesus so be sure to come. Peter's kickin' arse. As we all knew he would. He's doing very well. I make sure to visit him every day. Today he was teaching Lydia how to dance so she could do to a dance party with Dylan, and James wanted to dance too, so he danced with James on his feet. I love that. I love watching my best friend and my son.

Sometimes the world goes and shows just how beautiful it can be. I like it when it does that.
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I do love that I made you happy then. When you needed it.
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Mary=yum. WetMary=Even more yum. Even if I did sneeze on her (that...wasn't why she was wet. Uhm...that was the shower...)

Clearly, I am feeling much better...and especially now.


Ahem. Something constructive, something constructive.... Peter brought me a fedora today! It's purple. He said it reminded him of me and I asked him why I reminded him of a pimp when we used to be holy brothers and he said, "Ah, Brother Littleton. Tis the way of the world. What once was Holy, shall become unholy and pimping. And God said it was good."

Sometimes the things he says leave me quite speechless...
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Peter, I need you here. I need you to be whole.

I understand now. What you went through. I understand it. Or something like it.

Just don't die.
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Peter let the Templar believe he was the Antichrist! He said "And don't you think I'll take issue with you NOT telling me where Dragonetti is" after one of them said "Oi, don't tell 'im, 'e's the bleedin' Antichrist, Mate!" Or something to that effect.

And then Razvan called him Devil Spawn. But I don't get to call him Lucifer Jr. which is SO unfair.

Tonight was good. I mean not like "Hey, let's go this all the time!" But it went well.
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We just left him there!! Yeah he told us to but !!!

Rome. Kay's in Rome.



And Peter's in the feckin' zoo with Caoilfhionn who gives him hugs and WHEN DID THE WORLD STOP MAKING SENSE?!

Says the dead man who has a LiveJournal...
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Hi! I love you!

Talk to meeeeeeeee!
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Hi. I'm home. And rather achey, really. But I'm doing okay. Abby and Mr Razvan Hat are looking after me, and Gavin's coming round to help me work out this whole 'spy ordeal' because it's about damn time. I can report it's not Chiara. Rolf did his scanny thing. It's not Ryn either. So we're a bit at a loss at the moment, but we'll narrow it down soon. Oh I hope.

It occurs to me that everyone might not know what's going on. Apparently I have zombie-fever (according to Joe...) and I've been here too often without enough recovery time in the beyond between visits. Because the last time I was only where I belonged for a few hours, the stress of that and everything I've been through lately combined and I'm sort of...falling apart. Hopefully less literally than that, but it is a possibility... My injuries aren't healing like they used to and my mind is all...susceptible to things which is why I'm acting funny. PTSD caused by zombie-fever. My injuries can't kill me still because...already dead, but they hurt like a bitch. I lost a lot of blood the other day, and my dear Peter was kind enough to give me some of his to make up for it...he's incredible.

And old injuries are coming back. The burns the Templar gave me have showed up again, and my shoulders are starting to swell. The Templar had me on a strappado. They're okay for now, but if my arms suddenly dislocate, I'm not going to be pleased. Though really...that's less terrible than other things that could recur. Which I am not going to horrify anyone with, who hasn't already been horrified. So far though...none of...that. Which, good. I'm trying to work fast though. Rolf says he's seen this before and it does move slowly, but if certain things recur before I accomplish what I'm here for (there was a certain...ripping in half incident) I could end up stuck that. Because you can't accomplish much while ripped in half. And I'm really much less calm about that than I sound...

So...that's me really. And, I would like to state for the reassurance of certain sexy rock stars, when I fell asleep in Peter's bed last night, it was because I was too exhausted to go home, and Aly crawled in there with me hours later, to keep an eye on me. I didn't know she was there until I woke up this morning, and I was so shocked, I squealed a rather unmanly squeal and feel out of the bed. Which ow.

I love you, Spectre.

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