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Mums just sent me this book!

And I know it's not Spectre she is referring to.

Peter, Mums is calling you my boyfriend again! And also the Antichrist a little bit...
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I'm telling the story anyway.

So once? We were in mass and Peter was beside me and I inched my hand up his leg (no snickering) like a spider to freak him out and he jumped up like a fire was lit underneath him startling several nuns, and then screamed, "HOLY GHOST, HE'S ON ME!" in the middle of the homily before preforming an incredible 'get it off, get if off' dance while still trapped between two pews and several holy brothers who were all very confused.

Fucking funniest thing I've ever seen. His robes were flapping and his hair was flapping and the nuns were squawking and the priest said, "Brother Kemp, if you feel moved by the Holy Spirit, would you mind saving it until after the homily?" Oh man. My chest hurt so badly from trying not to laugh for the next hour. It wasn't helped by Peter shooting me death glares and Stuart raising his eyebrows at me.

Svetlana, do you remember that? I don't remember if it was before you came to Downside or not.

(Peter's going to kick my arse now! Or 'cut a bitch' as he put it...)

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