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Dear Stephie,

Marie and Iccy miss you! )

She also informed her Daddy-Spectre she is going to be a 'big stripper'. I had to hide in the closet (harhar) because my laughter was causing me to be a 'bad influence'. Daddy-Spectre is so straight-edged (harhar) sometimes!
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Can't sleep. Apparently Zombie Fever makes one a trifle insomia...ic. I watched my husband and his band perform tonight and they were amazing. A lot of other bands participated and it was awesome. Yesterday Mara, James and I went to the Getty, but Mara was too enraptured to bother with taking photos. The place is amazing, it really is. The view was breathtaking. Today we mostly took it easy at the hotel pool, though we went out for lunch. There was an awkward moment where I had to chase a sleazy boy away from Mara because he was saying things like "Hey, baby, I like your swimsuit, wanna see mine" but I think a 6'3" brick wall saying "Hey. What do you want with my niece" was enough to cause him to scamper. I can be intimidating when I want to. Of course, then I had to keep from diving into the pool and splashing around like a teenager until he was gone. It's okay, I managed to keep up the beefcake facade. If he only knew I'm not so much grrr as...well... this.

I am so funny.

And so is this! )

Imma get me some more coffee.

I want to hear from Peter, dammit.
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My husband and the band shuffled off to the Anaheim convention centre in the morning and Caitlin stayed with the twins, leaving me with Mara and James. Apparently Mara and James are rabid tourists... We went to Hollywood Boulevard and we visited Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Ripley's Believe it or Not, a wax museum and then Venice Beach. Tomorrow I have been informed that we are going to the Getty in the afternoon and in the evening I have to be charming because my husband wants to show me off to his musician friends over dinner. Which I'm more than a little nervous about.

"We're going to have dinner with Dream Theater and Megadeth and Shoehorn and Vertigo Delinquents and Mad Cow Disease etc etc, will you come?"

....sure. That's...perfectly normal.

(I do admit to making up everything after Megadeth because I couldn't remember any of the other names...)

I just hope I can pull off charming to these people too. I feel sort of out of my league here. I'm just an ex-monk who died and now I have a family to raise. Right? Right...

Snaps of strange and wondrous things )
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I found old pictures of Mumsie!! Who is probably going to kick me for using the word 'old'...

I love you, Mums!

She is so superglamorous, and look there's my husband and son too! )

The past few days have been quiet. Peter bought a trampoline and I can do acrobatics on it and it's really fun until I realise I'm forty-one. And then it's still fun, it's just a guilty kind of fun! And I showed Caleb how to do some of it and now I fear I've created a trampoline monster... And James is badgering me about getting one too, but the backyard doesn't have room for it unless we rip out most of the garden. He's three, he also wants a spaceship, a pony and a pet dinosaur. I'm not evil for keeping the garden instead of a trampoline, right?!

RIGHT?! Daddy crisis! Help!
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Peter was down today, and when I asked him what would make him feel better, he said, "you in leather". So I think it's safe to say he's at least feeling a little better! He did make me watch West Side Story and Cats before I was allowed to leave. James was horrified. So I think it's safe to say he's not a little three-year-old gay boy. He said, and I quote, "Why don't they just say how they feel? Why do they have to sing it?" Oh, little boy. Sometimes you have to.

Just not me, because we all know how that would end. With everyone running away from me. And then I'd have to sing a sad song about having no friends.

And then I'd do this on the internet again. I have no willpower... )
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I have my second Valentine's Day with a significant other yesterday. I think last year was better until I disappeared... But Spectre's flowers came to the door at 10 am just like clockwork. I'd forgotten I arranged that. Then I had to send a secret helper (Abby) out to get Mary something because I'm still laid up. And then I took a nap and I was utterly spoiled by the both of them while I was sleeping. I love my loves.

I couldn't go to Christina's funeral today. I miss her. I would trade places with her in a second if she could be back here. Dammit.

This will cheer me up... )
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Today my job is being cheerful. See me be cheerful and gay!'re not allowed to see me being gay. But you can imagine it if you want you kinky devils. Peter, you just keep your mouth shut!! (he doesn't need to imagine, he can remember...)

Aaaanyway, I spend the afternoon with my mumsie who is brilliant as always, and quite good at the kicks up the bum. I'm still messed 'round in the head, but I think...I think I'm at least headed in the right direction now. Thank everything for best friend compasses and loving spouses.

And Peter gave me a bank account. In order to do this, he had to get me identification. I'm now officially Ashley Thomas Bigglesby. The world is SO not amusing...

This helps smiles, okay )

So. Keep me cheerful, y'all!
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If this post were a school report, it would be called "What I did on my Buck's night-A pictorial exploration." And it would get a A.

A+, really... )

And this essay is entitled, "What I did on my Wedding Night-Why I am the Luckiest Man Alive" And it's entirely based on my crass sense of humour.

My Mumsie thinks I'm funny... )
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The wedding was beautiful. And I am okay, despite evidence to the contrary on Peter's journal. I just miss Kat sometimes. But she deserves all the happiness in the world and I do believe that's exactly what she has.

As for me, I can't stop laughing at this. And this. That has to be the best parrot ever. I want one! I want to let him ride on my shoulder and tell passersby to fuck off!

Aren't I a gem?!

This is for My Spectre and My Mary )

That's what you're marrying!
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Tonight, I was sitting at the hospital and Abby and my Mumsie said we should go out for dinner because we weren't doing any good just sitting. I had no idea they were plotting something.

But look )

I'm so very happy right now. My nephew is safe, even if he has hard times ahead. I was reunited with Ellie. My Spectre is safe and soon I'll fall asleep with him and sweet little Mara. It's just nice.
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I'm in Bradford!! Which is where I grew up, those of you who are like "Where the fuck is that?!" Yeah...valid. It's on the Avon!! I've just been spending time with Mumsie, Joe, Julian and my Mary. And it's been fantastic, even if Mums beat ALL of us at naughty word Scrabble last night. I was erm...slightly too inebriated to be much good. Mary very nearly caught her though!! They're feisty! And today, I showed Mary all around the town I grew up in. So the poor dear had to hear horror stories like 'that's the alley I threw up in after going to Bobby Ridgeway's party and eating too much cake'. Pleasant, no?! And there was the 'this is the house I very nearly got laid in until I realised that would be all unholy, and ended up offending the girl'. Which was fair enough because I actually DID use the word 'unholy'. Poor thing. She was really excited too, and I shattered her unholy dreams. And mine too, mind!

Pictures except not of Julian because he threatened me... )

And I have to stop now, because there's too much cute. I may explode.

Do I get 'disturbing points' for putting a picture of my nearly naked brother AND pictures of my lovers in the same picspam? I really think I should...
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Pictures to make cheerful. Other things make cheerful. Bianca is home and doing well. And Kat is doing better too, though I'm still going to be staying here. Just to make sure everything's okay.

Goddamn )

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