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Hello there (it's really me). This is Rolf's fault. Me being here, I mean, not like...anything else. He dragged me. And I do mean dragged. Probably because trying to get me to listen to him might take too long. 'Sorry I let your arse get split in half so I could doink the crazy succubus, but we need you!' Actually, that didn't take very long at all, who knows what he was thinking. Either way...I helped him last night and now I'm at Peter's trying to make things less... !!!!

So. We think the vest way to go about this, is Caoilfhionn. She adores Peter. But she's unpredictable. Less unpredictable, however, than Daphne the succubus, who is safe in the hospital and if we set her free to go over to their side, they might just burn her the hell up before she gets out again to give us information and even if she does get out, who can trust it? Caoilfhionn seems unable to lie to Peter, even when the truth is pretty fucked up. So now we just have to find her.

Also? No zombie fever for Thomas, so you don't even have to worry about that.

How are all of you?
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Hello, everyone. I'm back, and I assure you I'm the old Thomas, not that whiny one you had to put up with last time. Sorry about that...

First off, Mary isn't with the Templars. She was with me. Giving me a bollocking, to be precise... But she's safe. Secondly, Spectre isn't with the Templars either. He's in Glasgow with his father. I can't explain that to you, but we're leaving in a few hours to get him back. And it's not going to be easy. And lastly, Abby's awake now. Her head hurts a lot, but she'll be fine. She says if you come visit her, don't yell or she'll scalp you and bring cookies. I know that was two separate thoughts, but she said it all at once.

I don't feel there's much else I can say at the moment. There's too much pain right now. I love each and every single one of you. That's all I can really offer.

Okay, I lied when I said lastly. Peter's telling me to tell you. Daphne was the spy. The one feeding information to the Templars. And Rolf knew. He could have told us and saved us a great deal of pain. But he didn't because he was too busy having sex with her.

So much for loyalty.
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Hi, Jax. I know you're worried about Spectre. I don't know what Deirdre and Renee told you, but the person who took him was his father. I don't know how much Spectre has told you about his father either, but I can say that that's not a good thing. We're setting out to get him back in a few hours. We have to get to Glasgow to do so. He will be alright, Jax. I don't feel right explaining it to you if you don't know the background, but anything you ask, I will answer as best I can.

I know what he means to you.
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Peter wrote a private post to me. He's reaching out. The only problem is that now he's fled to his office. Aly says he got a phone call last night and now he's acting like a crazy person. Fantastic. But he did reach out. And then he reached back in. Or...something less disturbing sounding. I told him I wouldn't talk to him until he came home. He's asking me to come back, but now that I said that, I have to follow it. (Stupid saying things...) I told him Robert was coming. He seemed pleased, so that's a good sign too. Hopefully next time he takes a step forward, he won't take one back right after.

I'm leaving tomorrow...if everything works...but I'll be back on Monday. Once again...if everything goes smoothly. But I have faith that it will. Rolf spoke to Robert and he's very eager to help. The kids are going to stay with Aly's parents, and Aly and William are going to be with David and Christina. So it'll just be Robert and Peter and probably Gavin in the house to try to bring about sanity. Unless Tasha decides to stay, instead of staying with Hope. Up to you, Babe.

I hate this stupid journal.

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