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My husband is coming home tonight!

I am so excited! I have missed him and I couldn't tour with him this time since I had shows. I was Benedicking it up.

There might be more benedicking it up when he gets home though, I'm just sayin'.
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Public Service Announcement.

When making love on a studio floor, make sure there are no drumsticks or those guitary pedal things in the immediate area.

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Today was a good day. Even if Mum spent the entire day listening to Sisters of Mercy and then got mad at me when, after she said she had a crush on the singer, I said "Mum, you didn't tell me you liked women too". She hit me! And then spent hours telling me about Andrew Eldrsomething's eyes. And his voice. And his hands. And EWEWEW, Mum! She's getting back at me because she says this is like the House Of Love and she isn't getting any. Considering her children live (what is it I do...habitate?) here, however, I think that's for the best. Oh. And her t-shirt says "Rehab is the new black" and I asked her what that meant and she prattled on about someone named Lindsay Lohan? And everyone going to rehab. My mum's weird.

Anyway....Look, Pictures! )

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