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I spent the morning feeling like I was turning inside out.

Remind me. Remind me why I should stay. Please. I need help.
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I'm not dying!

My metabolism is going three times faster than everyone else's, and I'm more akin to...a humming bird or something now. But I'm not dying again. Apparently most of the food I eat is getting used up as soon as I eat it. To combat the pull. Which is why I have been losing weight, despite eating like a cow. Dr Wentworth's looking in to a more longterm solution and in the meantime, I'll just eat. Like I have been, only more.

I can do that! Especially when Deirdre makes me noodles and cake and ice cream and steak and nachos. Yes, that was what I ate for lunch.

Don't judge!

EDIT: James is a Vampire... )
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So...I caused a scene after rehearsal.


But I learned food makes pain less. Like...actually go away. So apparently even though I had eaten a fucktonne for dinner, going three hours without might have caused the pain. I dunno. I won't do that again.

I feel better now. A bit sore, and really embarrassed. But better. That better not happen in the middle of the final act again, dammit.
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I'm turning into a trash compactor. I simply cannot get enough to eat, which is not helpful during a food shortage!

On the upside, perhaps I'm becoming a Transformer... I wanna be Optimus Prime, but I don't think he would be a trash compactor so much...

Argh, this is frustrating. I'm trying to be careful but I just want to eat everything and I'm going to end up weighing 392 kilos. I'll look like a sumo wrestler.

I'm going for a jog.

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