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I'm in a helicopter!! The pilot said I could do this.

Peter shaved and he took a shower (I think he orgasmed over a bar of soap...I heard it) and he ate a bunch of spaghetti and vomited all over my lap, which was lovely. So then I took a shower (no orgasms, sadly) and then we left.

There's a Templar in the helicopter, but I've been assured by Saul that he's really on their side. He's asleep, and I don't trust him, but he hasn't done anything horrible. You know, yet. Peter said he fed him, but Peter also said he was starting to believe he was the last person on Earth and he's still sounding a little disjointed... The man makes one wrong move, and I'm going to karate chop his head off. I'm almost certain I could at least partly do that.

I'm doing okay. My best friend is here. I missed him so much. I was so scared for him, but he's here and he's talking (not right now, now he's sleeping too) and he was able to walk his way out of the terrible place, for the most part. He'll be okay, and so will I.

I spent two days digging through a wall and managed to find myself again in the process. Now that's pretty good work, I'd say. And now I have a lovely demon in my lap and Aly's smiling at me. Peter's snoring like the chainsaw he is. We did good.
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Ryn's here! And jolly. And he and Aly are being chummy because David's all up in her head. And Kali's here and they talk shop and I sit here feeling like a fourth wheel, which are usually necessary! They're out searching and I am stuck at home with the skull, making dinner.

I can't make dinner! I'm a gardener! I can grow it! I made sandwiches and then taught myself to do the splits. I've never tried them before. Well, not since I was about ten.

I am totally split-tastic.

I'm going crazy, can you tell? I want Peter back :|

I'm going to call my son and act useful.
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I'm in Aly's housefortress which is pretty bitchin'...

So that head I delivered? It can talk. Well okay, not TALK but it talks in Aly's head, which I find a little disturbing, but whatever. It's some kind of angel telepathy thing. Mara and Spectre can do it, which is how she managed to save us from Razvan's uncle's basement that one time with the mix up and the gay haters. Apparently the skull just had nothing to say until now.

His name is Leontios, and he's from Greece, and yes I feel ridiculous talking about a skull like it's a person, but it is... Leontios says he was imprisoned in some sort of...special underground vault thing in Constantinople (I know it's Istanbul now, but it wasn't then) by the Templar. Ryn and Kali found him even though the Templar had lost track of the crypt over the intervening four hundred years. He says they have places like that scattered around and most of them have been lost to time. He thinks there is one in Jerusalem, and he knows there is one somewhere in or near Rome which was specifically made for...wait for it...the Antichrist.

Apparently they built it ages ago and they never lost track of it because it's been constantly guarded since they day it was finished being built; ready and waiting. He thinks that is where Peter is. Explains why he wasn't in the complex. Of course, now we have to find this Indiana Jones frickin' thing with booby traps and all sorts of wank. Leontios said it'd be hard to find, but they would consider that the 'guard'. The place would be manned, but likely not by many people. They are trusting the difficulty in getting there to be the main deterrent.

If we don't find him he's going to end up like that goddamn skull.
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Looks like I'm going to Rome. With a skull in a box. I got to see me a ladyman.

...that would be Aly. Because...David...nevermind.

I hate Rome :(
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Gavin's safe. He's in Rome with Saul and the boys.

According to them, Peter wasn't in the Templar compound in Rome. So we have no idea where he is.

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I just got brought back a week early, so who knows if I have the Zombie Fever (if anyone catches me crumbling, just let it happen, it's better that way) my husband just left the country, and now Razvan shows up in Peter's car to say that Gavin did call them and he was alive, but apparently he was some sort of BAIT because now Gavin and Peter are gone again, and they left Razvan behind! Which means they have something very specific in mind.

And Thomas reeaaalllyyy wants to bust some goddamn heads.

EDIT: Right, hi.
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I'm sorry.

I'll stop avoiding people now. I love you all.
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I'm sorry. I've been avoiding you, which I am sure you are far too aware of by now. It's not anything you did, I promise. I've been afraid you would notice... I've been here too long and it hurts, but if I'm not here I can't be with Stephie. And everything she's feeling is my fault, so I have to be with her. I was afraid you would send me away. But that's terrible of me, because you risked so much coming to save me. When I saw you there...besides feeling so fucking relieved it was over, I felt fear. Fear for you because that place...fuck, Spectre. If they got their hands on you, do you know what they would do to you? I know you do. I know that. And you risked that to come for me, and I have spent the last several days saying nothing and I am so sorry.

I love you. I love you more than anything. More than any one. I just didn't want you to see my pain.

Speaking of pain... Now might be a good time to get this thing off of me... Because just thinking about you is causing a reaction and ouch. A lot of ouch. And I got all angry and had a little hissy fit and tried to pull it off? Oh my dear god, mistake.
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Peter let the Templar believe he was the Antichrist! He said "And don't you think I'll take issue with you NOT telling me where Dragonetti is" after one of them said "Oi, don't tell 'im, 'e's the bleedin' Antichrist, Mate!" Or something to that effect.

And then Razvan called him Devil Spawn. But I don't get to call him Lucifer Jr. which is SO unfair.

Tonight was good. I mean not like "Hey, let's go this all the time!" But it went well.
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Today I saw fish eat a penis.

No...really. That fucking bastard Brunhardt came after Anna at school. She rang Svetlana who uhm...took care of it. I was over there having baby Rasputina snuggles, and when Anna and Svetlana got back..well...there were bits. And then the piranhas ate them... So that was a new experience.

I hope my Mary is kicking his arse up there in the beyond too. Bastard. But you know...he's uhm...not an issue anymore. Which isn't how I would have dealt with it.'s dealt.

I'm just at Peter's now, Baby, but I promise I'm coming home soon. I'm sorry I got a bit sidetracked there. Which is understating it. I'll bring you presents to make up for lateness and worry!

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