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I'm alive again. It's official. I had a chat with one of the immortal people we rescued in China and he did it. On accident of course, which means I have to feel guilty that someone gave up their immortality in order for me to live AGAIN, but he said he didn't mind. I suppose if he had, it wouldn't have worked.

Anyway, I'm in the hospital for a few days because I think I'm getting ill and I, once again, have no immune system.

I'm trying to be pleased about it, but I need a chance to get there. Last time this happened it ended with me in agony so I'm not overly thrilled I get to go through it again...

A Mary might be a good idea.
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My husband and the band shuffled off to the Anaheim convention centre in the morning and Caitlin stayed with the twins, leaving me with Mara and James. Apparently Mara and James are rabid tourists... We went to Hollywood Boulevard and we visited Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Ripley's Believe it or Not, a wax museum and then Venice Beach. Tomorrow I have been informed that we are going to the Getty in the afternoon and in the evening I have to be charming because my husband wants to show me off to his musician friends over dinner. Which I'm more than a little nervous about.

"We're going to have dinner with Dream Theater and Megadeth and Shoehorn and Vertigo Delinquents and Mad Cow Disease etc etc, will you come?"

....sure. That's...perfectly normal.

(I do admit to making up everything after Megadeth because I couldn't remember any of the other names...)

I just hope I can pull off charming to these people too. I feel sort of out of my league here. I'm just an ex-monk who died and now I have a family to raise. Right? Right...

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Ryn's here! And jolly. And he and Aly are being chummy because David's all up in her head. And Kali's here and they talk shop and I sit here feeling like a fourth wheel, which are usually necessary! They're out searching and I am stuck at home with the skull, making dinner.

I can't make dinner! I'm a gardener! I can grow it! I made sandwiches and then taught myself to do the splits. I've never tried them before. Well, not since I was about ten.

I am totally split-tastic.

I'm going crazy, can you tell? I want Peter back :|

I'm going to call my son and act useful.
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So...I caused a scene after rehearsal.


But I learned food makes pain less. Like...actually go away. So apparently even though I had eaten a fucktonne for dinner, going three hours without might have caused the pain. I dunno. I won't do that again.

I feel better now. A bit sore, and really embarrassed. But better. That better not happen in the middle of the final act again, dammit.
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Sometime in the last 2 years, Peter started believing in God again. He got his faith back and I didn't know.

THAT FREAKS ME OUT! Peter never does something I don't know about! Believe me. I know when he had sex because he has that look. I know when he's hungry or thirsty or in pain but not telling anyone. I know when he's happy, I know when he's sad and hiding it. I know when he's had something to drink. I know when he's lying, not that he does that a whole hell of a lot.

I did not know this. And I should have. How the HELL did I miss this. I MADE the man lose his faith. Me. I reveled in his faith with him before I went and died and made him all doubty. And today he was talking about God and...I didn't know what to say.

And all of a sudden I realise that I miss it. Everything's turned all around. Peter has his faith back, and I'm left out in the cold wondering what the hell to believe. Chiara's dead and I don't have a thing to draw comfort from beyond the people I love.

Honestly though...the people I love tend to be enough.

Mara (The Boss) and I are going to a carnival tomorrow. She said she thinks Amaris might be there, but I think she really wants popcorn and a lot of candy floss. And so help me...Whomever...she's going to get it and more.

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