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Marie tried to bite off my ear! I think she thinks she's...that wrestler guy who bites ears. I don't remember his name. I don't watch wrestling. Either way, she's become a vicious little girl! But I love her anyway. And James put a band-aid on me (which I didn't actually need, but they have Harry Potter on them so he loves putting them everywhere) and Katya sang me a song to make me feel better.

Children are wonderful!

So is Spectre, even though he is spending nearly all of his time sequestered away in his attic studio, writing songs instead of paying attention to his super-hunky husband and his awesomely wonderful kids. Woe is us!
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I'm starving to death, I'm exhausted, I spend all my time changing diapers or reading books or playing games, and I'm so happy. James and I have now managed to classify every single plastic dinosaur he owns by era and species, and Marie and I play the cutest little kicking game. And she likes to make faces at me!! Mostly scrunchy, adorable, bestfaceever faces! And for lunch James and I made sandwich angels which was a sandwich with a cookie cutter angel shape and then he ate the insides and Mara ate the outsides, and then they swapped and I would have eaten one too, but then Marie was awake and now I'm spending my time here instead of doing anything else because James is running around and around my chair, squealing. Mara's chasing him, because they're playing Dogs and Cats, and Mara is a dog and James is a cat. A cat what squeals.

Angels schmangels, this is happiness!!

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