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Can't sleep. Apparently Zombie Fever makes one a trifle insomia...ic. I watched my husband and his band perform tonight and they were amazing. A lot of other bands participated and it was awesome. Yesterday Mara, James and I went to the Getty, but Mara was too enraptured to bother with taking photos. The place is amazing, it really is. The view was breathtaking. Today we mostly took it easy at the hotel pool, though we went out for lunch. There was an awkward moment where I had to chase a sleazy boy away from Mara because he was saying things like "Hey, baby, I like your swimsuit, wanna see mine" but I think a 6'3" brick wall saying "Hey. What do you want with my niece" was enough to cause him to scamper. I can be intimidating when I want to. Of course, then I had to keep from diving into the pool and splashing around like a teenager until he was gone. It's okay, I managed to keep up the beefcake facade. If he only knew I'm not so much grrr as...well... this.

I am so funny.

And so is this! )

Imma get me some more coffee.

I want to hear from Peter, dammit.
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Peter was down today, and when I asked him what would make him feel better, he said, "you in leather". So I think it's safe to say he's at least feeling a little better! He did make me watch West Side Story and Cats before I was allowed to leave. James was horrified. So I think it's safe to say he's not a little three-year-old gay boy. He said, and I quote, "Why don't they just say how they feel? Why do they have to sing it?" Oh, little boy. Sometimes you have to.

Just not me, because we all know how that would end. With everyone running away from me. And then I'd have to sing a sad song about having no friends.

And then I'd do this on the internet again. I have no willpower... )
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I'm home, I spent the last two hours with my amazing son who is now asleep. He told me all about dressing up as his daddy for Halloween. Meaning Spectre. Oh, I just *melts*. Abby is off at Mums' with Stuart and Mara tonight, and Flynn and Spectre are touring. With James asleep, it's just me and the animals, who are all ignoring me with amazing ability.

I'm a sad man at home alone on a Sunday night, having just spent a week and a half searching for 'the Antichrist' in Rome and then burrowing through an underground wall for two days. You know the old story.

So I surfed the internets )
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So...I went with Ryn to check the mailbox (it's in the city). We came back and he opened an quite interesting looking package and then dropped it and pointed at it in horror and announced it was my dirty toy.

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I got a dirty toy in the post! This is quite impressive, I have to say...

I'm still completely useless, so now I'm here alone wondering if I could give this thing a go...?
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Peter let the Templar believe he was the Antichrist! He said "And don't you think I'll take issue with you NOT telling me where Dragonetti is" after one of them said "Oi, don't tell 'im, 'e's the bleedin' Antichrist, Mate!" Or something to that effect.

And then Razvan called him Devil Spawn. But I don't get to call him Lucifer Jr. which is SO unfair.

Tonight was good. I mean not like "Hey, let's go this all the time!" But it went well.

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