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This afternoon I got the role of Benedick in the Regents Street production of Much Ado About Nothing, and then Deirdre, who presided over casting, told me she's giving me David's shares in the business... So...I'm a partner and an actor and that was one Hell of a lovely afternoon.

And then I went to visit Peter and we were visited by Detective Robson who just happened to see me die in 1991 so I had to hide in a closet for two hours and I only just managed not to clam my eyeballs out. I couldn't sit down or stand up all the way, and it was just...bad. So I ran away.

Sorry, Peter.
suave_thomas: (Staring and not liking) Robert tried to have sex with me.

Oh. Hi, Honey, I'm home!

Anyway, yes. He asked to speak with me and he said he still had a little time before he left and I said we could spent it together, thinking he wanted to talk and not be alone. Well, I suppose he certainly didn't want to be alone... And I suppose he took 'we can spend time together' as 'please, undo my trousers' because he did. And I was so shocked I kind of stood there. And then I smacked his hands away, but that didn't work. I had to shove him across the room before the message got through. It took awhile because he's half cavetroll or something. And then I said 'together' didn't mean 'horizontal mambo together' and he was suitably mortified. We had sex before but that was when it was all new for me and the idea of sex was a novel thing, you know? And it was the same for Robert. We were flinging. We both knew that. And it's been flung. But apparently he thought I'd still just sleep with anyone because I sleep with you and I sleep with Mary, but it's different with you and am I just the world's biggest slut?

How are you?

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