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I think I'm getting pneumonia. Abby is now barring people from visiting unless they wear a facemask which makes me feel like some kind of science experiment. Which I suppose is fair enough because I keep getting jabbed, and who wouldn't want to study someone who has come back to life twice? BUT I am keeping positive. My Spectre is coming to see me (with a facemask which I wish I could rip right off him for snoggage...sadly, that would be a little gross for him) and then Mary is going to play less-than-naughty-nurse tonight.

I have the best spouses!
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I dont think its samson. He just seemed worried.

i dont know what to try now. Its not you is it Peter?
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I misssssss you.

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I officially fail at being a dad. I've been quarantined. I'm at the hospital being BORED. Apparently the cough I have is pneumonia, though it's very early on, and now I can't be around James or Marie Lenore, and I can't even go see Peter (who's awake, by the way!) because he has no immune system.


See, we are the same person.

Dammit. Dammit. I want my babiesandPeter. Dammit.

I don't even care that I'm sick and I feel pretty miserable. Spectre can't even come see me because he'll get germies all over him and he might give them to Marie as she hasn't had any shots yet and this sucks.

Do I get Mary taken away from me too? I'll pout.
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I haven't said much lately. I've been too busy living!! I know, imagine that! And I have discovered I love nose muffins. And the theatre...oh yes. And whenever Peter sings! And living. Pretty much diggin' that!

I'm getting sick again though. I can feel it. Stupid no immune system! If I sook at you some time in the next few days, tell me to snap out of it!

And, as a side note, I do believe Deirdre to be one of the most wonderful people in this world. No, you don't get context, but honestly, do you need it!?
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I'm sick. I got chicken pox.

How is that possible? I'm alive again. Can't explain now. Too sick. But I'm not bullshitting. I wouldn't bullshit about this. And no. It's not great. It's not a miracle. It's not a dream come true. I'm sick and something terrible had to be sacrificed for me to be here and I'm not okay with that, which is why it's probably good it wasn't my choice. I didn't choose this.

Mary's back with me to help sane. I feel like hell, I feel like hell, I feel like hell. But I'm still on the internet, sue me.

It seemed like it was time to say it. I've been hiding. But I fear that seeing me shivering in a corner with a fever and pox all over me is going to give me away. Blast it all.

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