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Marie tried to bite off my ear! I think she thinks she's...that wrestler guy who bites ears. I don't remember his name. I don't watch wrestling. Either way, she's become a vicious little girl! But I love her anyway. And James put a band-aid on me (which I didn't actually need, but they have Harry Potter on them so he loves putting them everywhere) and Katya sang me a song to make me feel better.

Children are wonderful!

So is Spectre, even though he is spending nearly all of his time sequestered away in his attic studio, writing songs instead of paying attention to his super-hunky husband and his awesomely wonderful kids. Woe is us!
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Hi, Beautiful! Could you play me 'Nothing Else Matters' by Metallica sometime? And that's not me asking if you can because I know you could play anything. I just reckon it'd be sexy. With the you and the...well you.

This has been brought to you by Deirdre singing it to me all day long, and it's much different in her high voice... She brought more CDs to Lydia and we had a singing session. Well mostly I listened, I didn't want to deafen people with my foghorning. That's a weird word...

Uhm...Peter fed me sugar.

You come home tomorrow!! I am very excited!! Can you tell!! I am using lots of these -->!! I love you!! I'll be waiting for you. But if I'm asleep, you wake me up, okay?! Maybe I should just wait in your bed so you have to. Muahaa!

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