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gonna go see amaris
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Last night was bad. This...Zombie Fever hasn't been uncomfortable until now, but last night was horrible. I don't know where the pain is coming from, but it's in my stomach. And all I can think of, is that what Amaris did to me is what is coming back. It's not hunger, it's just....pain. Beyond hunger. I think that's what it is.

Dammit. I just weighed myself and I've lost 3 kilos. Since yesterday. Now you tell me how a dead man can lose weight? Shit.
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Does the fact that I'm a little afraid to attend Quinn and Flynn's wedding tomorrow make me a total pussy? Amaris took me from Mums' wedding and I know she's in the hospital now, but *shudders*

I have issues. Hopefully the buck's night will make me forget allllll about them.

Hahhahaa they have no idea what they're in for. But it includes me. Dancing. In very little clothing. Because I can so be an exotic dancer when friends are involved.
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If you're stoned don't try to come to the Beyond. It only means some mug has to rescue you and now I'm here and someone needs me and I am going to fall apart.

And Abby won't let me go rip Amaris' face off. Which is just uncool. She touched my Mumsie. No one touches my Mumsie. Can someone take the darn demonic spirit out of her already? Please? It's about goshdarned time.

Yeah, hi.

OH and last I looked in on the Russian adventurers, everyone was fine. They were supposed to go yesterday but the transport shipment they are sneaking in on was delayed. Still, they made it to the convent safely and now they're being taken care of by scary battlenuns. Who wield these stun stick things? I had to not look. Electricity and I aren't friends. Not close up, anyway.

If I do fall apart, someone put Michael Jackson on in the background so at least I can crumble happy.
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I'm sorry. I have to go. Amaris is with Peter's family and I can't just let him face her alone. I'm going. I'll be back as soon as I can, I promise.
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Julian still hasn't come back. My nephew is out there. Amaris is out there.

I am not going to sit here and hide behind my mother, even though nothing in this world scares me more than Amaris does. I'm going to go find Julian. She can't have him. She can have me again first. Not Julian.
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I let my little sister hypnotise me and I remembered things that should help us find the missing people. I also remembered things I wish I could forget, but that's tne nature of the beast. I described the house Amaris is staying in to Aly and she drew it. A perfect likeness. She's made copies if anyone needs one. I hope it helps. I want our friends back now.

My wrists hurt. These damn cuffs chafe and they're heavy and it's an eternal reminder that she had me at her mercy. But they're welded bloody on and I can't get them off. And as long as they're there, I feel like part of me still belongs to her. It's stupid, right?
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That fucking bitch!
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Is she trying to get me to turn myself over to her?!

Not Christina. Not her.
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Fuckfuckfuckfuck fuckbags fuck.

Amaris almost got me today. Kat and I were in the park but then she had to go. Zoe hurt herself, though I've been assured since then that she's fine. But she left and I was alone with James and then she was there and FUCK.

She's watching me. It's obvious now. How else would she had found me the second there wasn't another adult with me. She knows James is my son. She threatened him. So I ran, because of course, someone didn't have his mobile charged up. The hospital was the closest place and I ran there and I got nearly hit by cars and people and I slipped on ice but I kept going, and I think when I got to the hospital I actually died a little from lack of air, but we're fine. James and I are fine. He's a little scared, so he's sleeping in our room tonight with me since Spectre's in the US. He's asleep now, looking all cute and perfect.

She almost got me today. She almost got my son. After hearing what Peter's dreams entailed and thinking she could do those things to James too... No. I've never been so scared in my life.

We're okay though, Baby. Just so you know. We're both okay, just really shaken up. This wasn't supposed to happen...
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So Peter's been having these dreams. He's had two now. Of me. And Amaris. And I'm guessing because they're repetitive, they're a warning.

Do you want the details? I don't want to make you feel sick with them if you'd rather not. But either way, as far as Peter can see, Amaris has some sort of vendetta against me because I've helped fuck up her plans twice. And...maybe a little because I punched Brian in the nose that one time... Twice she's had me, but both times that wasn't her intent. It was accidental on both occasions, though now it's given her or something. And all things considered, I don't want to be suspended from her roof or anyone else's. Unless it's a kinky bedroom game with my spouses...

I think this is just a heads up. I want to be careful. Very careful. She doesn't know I'm alive again, but I highly doubt I can keep that knowledge from her for long if I'm around her again. The show opens next week and she knows I'm involved there. I told Deirdre she's not allowed to leave me alone backstage and she seems well pleased with that. And maybe Rosa could stay with us or...something? She knows where we live and the kids... And we know she works with Aurelia and with the shit she's been pulling lately, I wouldn't put it past them to be brazen.

I'm not too proud to admit I'm freaking out about this.
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That being said, every time I move it fuckin' hurts like I've been attacked by a cheese grater. Or really big paper cuts... So I can't help look for Kat, which is insanely frustrating. Maybe someone should check in with Bianca again? Just to see what else is happening? It makes me all ishy now that I can't watch myself aaarrrgghhhh.

My time with Amaris was short, and while she certainly made her mark (pun intended because I'm still a little crazed) the effect she had on me was much less than last time. She didn't get inappropriate, at least not with me, and I was able to watch over Aly. We're both alright. Aly's a trooper. She threw a mirror at Amaris and it shattered all the fuck everywhere, it was fuckin' brilliant! Amaris tried to force me into something I'm not. She tried to make me sleep with Aly, who clearly was as keen on the idea as I was. And I refused to become Brian. I said no, and it worked. There was a cost...there always is with Amaris. But it was far better than losing myself. So I come away with scars you can see, but they're preferable to ones that lay hidden beneath the surface.

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